World's Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) – Editing LTT from start to finish

World's Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial (Premiere Pro) – Editing LTT from start to finish

2:25 CH 0: Chapter navigation
3:13 CH 1: Using YouTube’s interface
5:49 CH 2: Things to know while watching
6:34 CH 3: My hardware
DIY macro keyboard part 2:
13:08 CH 4: How I use AutoHotKey
14:28 CH 5: Preparing the edit
Multi-monitor recorder:

20:07 CH 6.1: Explaining my most common AHK scripts
20:52 6.1a: AHK monoMaker()
21:36 6.1b: AHK preset()
22:57 6.1c: MACRO F2 7 ENTER
23:40 6.1d: AHK Right click playhead mod
24:42 6.1e: AHK Instant application switcher

25:52 CH 6.2: A-roll rough cut – TUTORIAL BEGINS HERE!
28:40 6.2a: MACRO Ripple delete clip at playhead

31:12 CH 7. A-roll rough cut (Macbook Pro)
40:07 7a: Dual mono and the audio track mixer

42:27 CH 8: B-roll first pass
42:48 8a: AHK trackLocker()
46:13 8b: “Scale to Frame size” is dangerous
46:54 8c: Talkin’ ’bout the Ripple Tangent
50:51 8d: Brandon conversation #1
1:00:49 8e: Problems with track targeting & source patching
1:02:59 8f: AHK insertSFX()
1:04:54 8g: How to bleep audio
1:06:57 8h: How to assign shortcuts to label colors
1:11:24 8i. The #1 amateur mistake: Sound effects & music too loud. Example:
1:12:05 8j: Amateur mistakes 2: No motion or audio
1:12:43 8k: Brandon conversation #2
1:15:18 8l: How to save a transition as a preset
1:17:11 8m: AHK openLatestFile()
1:21:09 8n: Using transitions on adjustment layers
1:22:17 8o: Amateur Mistakes: Lord Privy Seals
1:24:37 8p: Reverse image searching
1:26:57 8q: Don’t delete, use “disable”
1:29:42 8r: Tried to learn 1 new thing: audio thumbnails
1:31:30 8s: “Stair stepping” clips on the timeline
1:32:08 8t: “KiIl your darlings”
1:39:34 8u: One long take vs. the “coverage” of multiple shots
1:42:17 8v: Crashes and autosaves
1:47:23 8w: Templates are great, but might lead to more crashes
1:49:47 8x: Even educated guesses can be wrong
2:00:22 8y: AHK runexplorer()
2:05:05 8z: A quiet environment is important when editing
2:09:21 8aa: Screen capturing bugs retroactively with Shadowplay
2:10:36 8ab: Accelerated Scrolling 1.3.AHK
2:16:31 8ac: AHK script: instantVFX()
Fix Premiere’s hot text bug:
2:21:54 8ad: Things to try when Premiere is slow/buggy
2:24:56 8ae: Render at your sequence resolution
2:26:18 8af: Nesting is often the answer
2:27:41 8ag: Photoshopping adventure
2:36:20 8ah: Fixing/creating the final shot
2:40:45 8ai: Searching through a music library

2:43:21 CH 9: Taking way too long to fix/create the final shot
2:45:42 9a: Amateur Mistakes: Neglecting “Eye trace”
2:47:03 9b: Amateur Mistakes: Showing too many things at once
2:48:55 9c: Amateur Mistakes: Not considering bitrate

2:52:40 CH 10: Intermission: Taran visits the WAN show

2:55:29 CH 11: Third pass, fixing and finishing
2:56:50 11a. How to screenshot web pages
2:58:33 11b: The biggest mistake in the entire edit
3:00:34 11c: Brandon conversation #3
3:01:09 11d: Talkin’ about scheduling
3:06:13 11e: Jon conversation
3:08:27 11f: Text tracking with AE
3:13:15 11g: RSI/tendonitis: How I deal with it

3:20:04 CH 12: Adding GPU and CPU temps, doing final pass
3:23:10 12a: Why I use Premiere
3:25:27 12b: Do I recommend Premiere? 300+ bugs and features:
3:27:48 12c: How speedrunning inspired my workflow

3:32:01 CH 13: Final Floatplane export, and QC check
3:34:20 13a: Quickly re-export using cineform smart rendering
3:35:50 13b: AHK filemover()

3:36:58 CH 14: YouTube export

3:40:22 CH 15: The past
3:47:28 CH 16: The future
3:51:07 CH 17: Comparisons to Monty Oum
How Crash Course characters are made!

3:54:32 CH 18: Recommended preferences (Important!)
3:55:33 18a: Preferences Panel
4:00:32 18b: Timeline/sequences
4:02:46 18c: Wrenches & hamburgers
4:03:03 18d: History states
4:04:44 18e: Button editor
4:07:46 18g: DO NOT use media browser for unlinked files
4:08:39 18h: Keyboard shortcuts

4:11:51 CH 19: Final tips
4:12:41 19b: Professional advice isn’t always correct
4:14:24 19c: Click every menu, learn every feature
4:15:35 19d: Recommended watching
Reality TV editing
Cinemassacre 200
Ocarina of Time Speedrun in 22-38
RLM Star Wars review
Do schools kill creativity?
4:18:08 19e: Conclusion

All my scripts!
1st long tutorial:

Outro Music:

You may use short clips from this video in your own videos. Plz include a link, though!


  1. This is the different when someone really make something to someone else. Even though I’m not doing video editing, I’m enjoying from start, refuse to skip to another chapter.

    But sometimes you watch 10 minutes video tutorials, after first 3 minutes, it’s boring, you wanna hurry end the video. I think that’s because they only focus on making videos, on making content, not for "real" tutorials.

  2. Ah to be young again…but everyone has their limitations. Mine is, I am 72 years old with a video editing hobby(can you imagine that?). This was an excellent tutorial about what a "REAL" experienced editor can or has to do, while using that tool. Very impressive. BUT…in my case, I am a FCP editor, I saw a number of macro’s you had to write that would not be necessary in FCP. And for the others, one could use automator( I believe) to achieve similar speed edits in FCP. I certainly am not knocking your tool choice, in fact, I now am looking into doing a number of things you did, in FCP, to speed up my workflow. Lots of good ideas here. But alas, working at that speed…WOW…maybe someday when I grow up. But having to write so many macros just to get that tool to work faster for you…was daunting. But wait…for me, don’t have to work that fast as…I am retired, doing this only as a hobby. Thanks Aaron though, for sharing this video and so many GREAT ideas. This video also made me appreciate further, being retired means there are no deadlines, and, alas, no need for such insane speed. More time to really concentrate on graphic designs and artistic value, without the rush to make deadlines. Having to work that fast…and…having to work toward satisfying the demands of others..sure would take the fun out of it…for me. Sure glad I did not have to do this, for a living. But if I had the need for editing services, based on this video…I would hire you in a nano-second. 

    Again Taran, thanks for sharing and all the great ideas. You must have, and deserve incredible success, being able to do what you are able to do.

  3. That’s funny, I almost use the same audio settings in my videos. Thank’s for the tip on track effects on audio as apposed to applying effects to each clip.

  4. Wth is that it??!!!! I just watched the whole video and i thought I just watched a 1hr video tutorial.

    I enjoyed your tutoriala

  5. "You may have noticed that this video is four hours long" what I thought it was 4 minutes
    but thanks for this – i only watched 2-3 hours of this and my editing speed improved by 1-2 days

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