When Louisiana students Look for Health Insurance


Similar is the case with Louisiana. However, to buy an optimal student health insurance policy in Louisiana, consumers need to understand the basics of policies, coverage level, etc. In this article, we will understand student health insurance policies and how to buy an affordable student health insurance plan in Louisiana. Student health insurance is geared to provide medical, counseling/psychiatric and health promotional services to the students. If students are under the age of 26 years, they can still be enrolled as dependents in their family health insurance policy. Due to changes effected by the Affordable Care Act, the age limit for dependent children has been increased. In fact, a lot of companies are already offering this chance to students. If the students in Louisiana are married and have families, they can buy health insurance for their dependents also.Tips to buy student health insurance in Louisiana•    Students in Louisiana should compare various health insurance plans before making the final choice. It helps in saving money by exploring for higher deductible plans, comparing benefits, etc. •    It is important to know what the medical benefits are in the student health insurance plan. Study the medical benefits of various plans and always compare before you purchase.•    Students should avoid hospitalization and should consider same-day surgery or outpatient services. The cost of hospitalization is always high.•    Emergency room charges can be much more costly than a doctor’s visit. Students should avoid them, which will help lower the premiums of the student health insurance plans.For students looking for health insurance in Louisiana, it is also very helpful to understand the patient bill of rights that gives a lot of rights to the patients. Below are the rights that patients can have when they seek medical care.Patient bill of rights:1.    Considerate and respectful care.2.    Complete and current information from the clinician about diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.3.    Information from the clinician before treatment starts so that the patient can give an informed consent.4.    Refusal of treatment and acceptance of medical consequences of doing so.5.    Privacy in medical care including discreet conduct of examination.6.    Confidentiality of records and communication regarding his/her care.7.    Reasonable response to request for services.8.    Transfer of medical information to another physician at the patient’s request.9.    Knowledge of human experimentation affecting his/her case or treatment, and right of refusal.10.    Reasonable continuity of care.11.    Explanation of charges for services rendered.

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