Weighing the Facts of Obesity

Weighing the Facts of Obesity

Obesity among children and adults dramatically increases the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. What are the contributing factors that lead to being overweight? In this seminar, Harvard Medical School doctors and researchers will address the stigma that surrounds obesity and discuss concrete methods, including changes to sleep and diet, that could help scale back this growing problem.

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  1. I kinda envy fat people they can eat and gain pounds and then covert that to muscle. Me having the same metabolism of a small rodent and can’t put on weight.

  2. Calorie input versus calorie output. Stop stuffing your mouth full of high calorie, low nutrition, crap food… when you feel bored or emotional. Get off your ass and walk, ride bike, swim do something.

    When I travel to USA I am stunned at the size of people, how much they eat, how often they eat and how very little they move.

    Sad this behavior has trickled down to their kids.

  3. triglyceride has nothing to do with cholesterol. It’s 3 linear molecules of fatty acids attached to one glycerine. cholesterol is a ring-shaped steroid based molecule. cholesterol is only made by animals (including humans) while triglyceride is also found/made by plants.

  4. And ,yes, your Dr does judge you….after what I considered a very successful appointment with a new kidney specialist to explain my gfr of 58, we discussed my continued effort to loose weight ….I had already lost 15 lbs…..189 down to 174 over 3 months……Planning on loosing another 20 …..she told me my kidney function was normal for my age and encouraged me to continue with my plan…..there was no clear cut emphasis or extreme emphasis on her part..She ended the appointment with, “ Don’t worry ,you will never be on dialysis.” …
    I was shocked to read her report of our meeting in “ my chart” access on line a week later.
    It read that my “ chronic kidney disease” was probably directly related to “ my obesity” …
    Had she said that to my face I would have learned to things…1. She mislead me by telling me my kidney function is normal for my age (72)…..2. She mislead me by really thinking I am obese and that was at the root of my problem…..I was wearing an xl in my clothing and went down to a medium/ large.
    My waist is where my fat is rendering me “ obese” in medical jargon.

  5. Wow as soon as I heard her talking about obesity like it was some sort of uncontrollable spreading virus I couldn’t continue.

  6. Congratulations Harvard! You just went full SJW. “Bias” causes t2 diabetes and high blood pressure?! It’s not the fact that you’re fat as fuck? The reason that 2 out of 3 of people in the US are fat must be because eating disorders caused by “bias” and if they wouldn’t feel ashamed then people wouldn’t be fat? Get real!

    Also, can somebody please explain the difference between correlation and causation to this woman.

  7. Obesity is a leading concern in today’s world. It is is the fat deposition underneath the muscle tissue. Usually, the body mass index is used for determining obesity. Obesity is also a major factor for any type of health issues. But now you don’t have to worry and can decrease your weight in a healthy way with simple homeopathy tips. Get the best homeopathy treatment for obesity with Homeocare International.

  8. Doctors need to retrain their brains because Keto diet answers all these questions and gives real solutions. Obesity Cure : Stop Eating Carbohydrates,  Inter. Fasting, Exercise,  and Sleep there’s your real lecture.

  9. Wow, a bully at age 5…maybe not meaning to be but just the honesty of kids. I’m glad as adults it worked out. I was told in junior high that I was gross from being too skinny and it was equally as hurtful. If I ran into that girl again, though it wouldn’t end as nicely.

  10. Sleep… k, let’s continue to ignore the massive amounts of sugar and the demonizing of fats for another 50 years, see where that leads us. Lets ignore that cholesterol was never a cause of anything, and that the lipid hypothesis our friend Ancel Keys concocted in the 50’s was never proven, and yet we pushed grain and sugar on the masses based on nothing…
    Stop looking for genes and start looking at the giant behemoth the processed food industry has become. Oh wait, they pay you research grants. Nvm.

  11. at 15:10 she tells a straightforward lie. Googling "white teens" brought up way the same amount or MORE mug shots when I tried it today compared to googling "black teens".

    Its unfortunate that googling white or black teens brings up mug shots in the first results…but it isn’t evidence of race inequality or racism, unless you count teenager as a race.

    Frankly, it is disappointing when someone makes claims like this about racial inequality because all it does, imo, is further a narrative understanding that isn’t based on facts…even worse, why does it seem like someone would like this example of racial inequality to exist? It would be awful if it did, but her claim about the google results is inaccurate.

  12. I am so glad I am not to blame for being over weight , i diet and exercise everyday
    And can’t lose weight thank you for this cutting edge research and real science so I
    Don’t have to take personal responsibly for my own actions.

  13. If it has NOTHING to do with what we eat, then why is obesity mainly affecting wealthy countries. How many obese children are there in the poorest regions of the world? I mean really poor. Strange poor Africans, obviously in Africa, according to you have the same genes yet are not obese.

  14. Such a boring presentation. Is there paint drying in the backgroud. Get relevant Harvard my dead grandma is more exciting.

  15. boring over eaducated western thinking . How about talking about lack of education about fasting. I am from Afghanistan and we were raised to eat 5 days a week and fast for 2

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