Want to work in Food, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness?

Want to work in Food, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness?


The School of Culinary Medicine’s FNTP and CMA accredited Diploma in Culinary Medicine is the first course of its kind to offer the tools to design menu’s tailored to specific health issues and concerns, based around sound evidence based nutritional science, whilst being completely home study and self directed.

Culinary medicine takes the evidence based science of how diet and nutrition can be used as a therapeutic tool, and then places this within a practical framework – the food that we eat. It explores how to design recipes for various health issues, using the established science around the subject. This course will enable you to understand the science, and give you the tools to develop tailored recipes with confidence.

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  1. This is amazing! I bought Dale Pinnock’s MEDICINAL COOKERY last year and fell in love with it. In New York, they the Natural Gourmet Institute which also aims to teach students about nutrition as well as providing the culinary skills. I kept hoping that something similar would appear in the UK! Now it has been completed with the School of Culinary Medicine! Cannot wait to get on this course! =D

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