Transcending addiction and redefining recovery: Jacki Hillios at TEDxBoulder

Transcending addiction and redefining recovery: Jacki Hillios at TEDxBoulder

Why are some able to transcend their addiction while others are not? What do people really need to escape the shame of their addiction and achieve sustained recovery? Jacki’s talk focuses on answering these questions and demonstrates how resilience of the human spirit intersects with social contextual factors to set the stage for those struggling with addiction to choose a pathway to health.

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  1. recovery is an individualized process. You fight for yourself. You use the same skills that worked to pay for and find drugs and apply them to paying for and finding help. Finally realizing and accepting that you’re worth the effort to get clean is a MIRACLE unto itself, but that’s just the beginning. But just like it took time to get yourself into that bad spot, it takes time to get out of it. I think Jacki Hillios is moving in the right direction for sure. We just need MORE options, accessible options to low income ppl, and how do we provide services without the funds to pay for everything needed to support them??? Change how society views addicts, so they’re seen as being worth the investment…idk I’m just thinking out loud now. I’m 8 years clean….I just wanted to share I guess…in ten mins I’ll come back and erase this anyway..Thank you

  2. suppose if you where indecently well off and had the time and the money to what she suggested it might work But what I about people who work 40 hour jobs and have families to raise She worked over 5 years in the field and did not have a clue how to help people Recovery is not all fun in games it is a lot of hard work If anyone tells you other wise they are not being truthful

  3. The brain is plastic, in a neurological perspective. Neuroplasricity is how we learn new things and the brain responds accordingly, particularly with enjoyable activities. Addiction, therefore is not a disease but the brian responding accordingly to positive stimuli , the hijacking of the reward centers. Addiction is big business in North America and it, along with the US for proffit health care is abhorant. Behavior can be changed, even the highly complex behaviours related to addition. Just get a grip, folks!

  4. I love seeing YouTube videos that talk about addiction and recovery. Although my channel is super new I am hoping to make a difference by sharing my experience. Addiction doesn’t have to be the end. Recovery IS possible!

  5. Last thing I want to hear is to how to beat an addiction from someone who has never been addicted themselves…..answer is 12 step

  6. No help, no support and no clinics for my addiction – Sugar.
    Killing me slowly from the inside. "Just stop" they say. "Eat broccoli instead" some say.
    What a joke. Addicted since birth thanks to naive parents. No way out as far as I can see.

  7. You need to want to be clean more than you want to live in the gutter. That’s the truth. I’m a fentanyl addict. Arguably the hardest habit to kick. And I did. It’s the hardest thing ever. Most people can’t comprehend it.

  8. Ok addicts are people too! We get it? But what’s this video beyond ‘selling” a sports program? and telling us addicts are more than just people simply using? What’s the actual point of this video?

  9. If you or someone you know been affected by the disease of addiction, come find support on Facebook @ No Addict Left Behind. Resources may be available.

  10. This video is changing my life. I’m moving from Florida to Denver because it inspired me so much. I’m already a member and I hope to one day work for them. I have so much passion in my heart to help others and myself at the same time. I will make a difference. Thank You!!!

  11. 10 hours after being admitted to the detox program and they say she completed her detox treatment? For methamphetamine?? Meth has a half life of 12 hours! I think our society can do a little better than that…

  12. Thank you for your great words I wish more people were like you im struggling in addiction sober now and in fighting everyday to spead the word of addicrion mental health to stop turning your eyes on addiction ir time more people start changing the way people judge others we have the power to make change because the government wont do it

  13. The one sentence that brought me to tears…"it is valued". Trying to fit in with people who have no clue what addiction is gives you the clear knowing that your struggles and pride in yourself has no value to them. We must hang with other people we who know what we feel and value our strength.

  14. Well there you have it ,your bag of sugar for today. Step one get detox. Step 10 climes a mountain or two. All cured, that was easy. I wonder if she ever watched her video.

  15. People are getting sober everyday, all over the world and in your town without treatment. There are groups of all types in most cities and small towns. You don’t even have to agree with everything any group says. Science tells us you will become like those you hang around.

  16. Comparing the general statistics of half the people remaining sober who attend tradition treatment versus 3/4ths who attend Phoenix multi sport is very misleading. It doesn’t consider key demographics such as net worth and income. It’s possible people with access to more financial resources have a better chance of sobriety because they can afford the costs of keeping themselves engaged in society.

  17. Not Ever Get A Spiritual experience, I Got A spiritual experience, By The Grace Of God, I was 3 Weeks Sober Going Into A.A. And Now I’m 4Years And Some Months Sober From Alcohol

  18. If your struggling with addiction NA is a great place to make some changes. We need this in England!!! Id love to start something like this up

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