Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

YAY! Thumbs up for more health style videos! 🙂 let’s start off this new year healthy & happy! CLICK HERE FOR MORE HEALTH TIPS!

**PS I filmed the voiceover when I was really sick so sorry about my voice hahahaha

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don’t forget that being fit is not a destination it is a way of life. 🙂
and being healthy is NOT just about how you look, it is so much deeper than that. I challenge you to find “your healthy” 🙂


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  3. Hey, my name is shella melinia, I from STIK Bina Husada Palembang in Indonesia.
    Thank you for giving me a way to start a healthy life, the video you entered is very useful, especially for me who is trying to live a healthy life and lose weight

  4. Great Video. This video is in the email. Starting this Friday, I begin sending a weekly email of video’s to stretch, exercise and feed the minds of my subscribers that will inspire change and growth. This video is going to be in this week’s email.

  5. Smoothies are the best When I was going through schizophrenia I ganged about 30 pounds I was really depressed for a very long time And now I am confident Positive and Happy in who I am

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  7. Yeah, I don’t understand people who torture themselves at the gym. I mean, there’s so many ways to work out. Personally, I LOVE dancing so that’s what I go for. Keeps me in good shape and is so damn fun to do. Great video x

  8. Can we just take a second to acknowledge how much work and effort she puts into these amazing videos. Like holy god they are all so inspirational and there’s so much good music and a crazy amount of cool shots what the heck I love it

  9. Excellente ta vidéo !
    PS : Si toi aussi tu t’intéresses à la création d’entreprise, à la liberté financière ou au business en général, jette un oeil à ma chaîne, je vais y mettre tout ce que je sais, ainsi que mes résultats très prochainement 🙂

  10. Hi, I would like to ask you to make a series of videos about health. I have a big problem with my daughter. She is 27 , so she is not so young anymore, but she still behaves like a teenager. She has this incredibly unhealthy life style. After she wakes up at 1 pm – or 2 pm, because she stays so late at night , and brushes her teeth she sits in front of the computer. She stays there on the chair almost all day . She does not move or make her bed or does anything in the house. Then in the evening she goes out to see some friends. Don’t imagine they are moving or dancing – they are sitting in a bar, talking and drinking. The next day – it is the same. All day long, year after year . The exception is only when she goes on vacations – I imagine it is different then, I don’t know how , but she always comes home sick. She has a very bad health, she can not sleep well, she has a very low energy and she is tired all the time. I tried many times to talk to her, to explain the importance of being active during the day, of exercising every day or just going out for a simple walk. Her answer – walking is a waste of time ! I admit – I did not teach her to do that, I never thought I will have to teach her the basics of normal healthy life. Every 2-3 months she is getting sick and when she gets sick she is recovering very slowly. I am desperate. She does not listen to me, she thinks because I am old I don’t know anything and she knows everything better. Help me and help millions of young people that have the same problem. They don’t know that going out every day and having just a simple walk will improve tremendously their life ! They also don’t believe their fathers and mothers ! They eat junk food late at night just before going to bed and they stay very late at night . If you make videos explaining the basics of the health I will ask her to watch them with me. I know she will agree so there is a real chance she will consider them and things could improve . I forgot to tell you she works on the computes also – she makes illustrations. We don’t live together, but we are together now because I lost my mom and I needed to stay with her for a while . When I saw her life style I got really desperate ! . Help me please !

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