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  1. Im a communications/Public Relasions major and Kin minor. Certainly agree with you. I think you should first get the marketable skills/education, and then have that sort or background in exercise science so that you can do what you enjoy, as well as specialize in something that can actually earn you a decent pay.

  2. You seem like a reasonable guy. I was in school for 3 1/2 years as a pe & he student. Now 3 years later I would like to not waste my credits I have and finish my degree but doing it in pe & he is not an option because I have a full time job and would not quit job to student teach (and dont want to be a pe teacher or just work in school system). This is why I thought ex sci would be a good degree to obtain because its closely related to pe&he. I already have a cert in personal training (not NASM but i still got work). I figured I could finish it online n could get it done in 1 1/2-2 years at most. Just curious if u still think its a waste of time/money given my specific circumstances. Do i plan on going to PT school or something like that after…not really but I would say it would be good to have option. what do u think?

  3. Everybody has a Bachelors nowadays. In Australia, Masters are what get you the high paying jobs. They will choose the individual who has a Masters compared to a Bachelors graduate. Im currently studying Sports Science. My aim is to complete this degree and do a Masters in Clinical Practice Sports/Exercise Science to become a licensed Exercise Psychologist working at hospitals/clinics.

  4. Thanks for adding the, "UNLESS you’re getting a Masters"! Most people who go into Kinesiology shouldn’t be looking at the money, but the passion of it! Great advice man!

  5. Exercise science is often the required degree to put you into physical therapy school… in that sense is exercise science is good?

  6. Now a days a degree can mean nothing. It’s all about people you know/meet and experience in a field. I’m 20 years old and my career path I want to take it definitely fitness and nutrition but like Marc said it’s all about the business side of it. Hell I’m 20 years old and I lay water main in the ground making upwards of $32 an hour (which is way more then most people with degrees are making) No degree, no experience, I know somebody in the company… It may be good ass money but it f*cking sucks! I’m going to continue to stay dedicated to my goals of getting into this industry no matter the money because it’s what I love to do. Money DOES NOT control your life. A man making $10 an hour can be happier then a man making double that.

  7. okay but lets be real. most jobs straight out of a bachelors degree are not high paying. instead of saying "kinesiology is a shitty degree" lets just say "any bachelors degree is pretty much useless today unless you plan on continuing your education." a bachelors is the new high school diploma.

  8. try athletic trainer for a high school or J.C. get a lot of hands on experience and also good career path then advance to division one school or go pro. .
    there’s options. U just need too research and be passionate about ur choices. if it’s who u are and what u love then do it for those reasons. if ur pursuing money. then become a banker or pro poker player. or some jazz. .. but u think musician’s or pro Dee jays do it for the cash? name it’s because they luv music. and they can’t envision doing any thing else in life. of ur a gym rat and u want to help people then ur like jack la lane. and look at his career he loved it and he’s a fitness icon. ..

  9. I have a BS in exercise Science and am going back for a MBA. I have coached gymnastics for over 15yrs and have personally trained at many levels. What Marc said is true. There is a very small market for Kinesiologist or ES.

  10. You’re dead on! I’m currently a kinesiology major however, I’m not using it to do anything with fitness. It’s a great base for going on to being a physician assistant. But unless you go on to your masters, I don’t see the point in majoring in kinesiology. You’re basically spending an ungodly amount of money to become a personal trainer, most likely working next to someone who has an ACSM certificate making the same amount as you. So why blow all that money and time when you could just get a certificate and be a personal trainer? I love exercise physiology, it’s very interesting and I’m passionate about it so it’s very easy to maintain a 4.0 which will be very appealing to schools that I apply to, and I’ll have a good amount knowledge in the physiology area. But if I just stopped after my bachelors…wtf would I do? Use my entire pay check to pay off my student loans. DO NOT DO KINESIOLOGY UNLESS YOU PLAN ON GETTING YOUR MASTERS.

  11. Damn I’m glad I found this video before I decided to switch my major to kineisology ! I’m currently taking business classes ( sales and management ) but I really want to focus on the business side cause that’s where most of the money comes. I’m interested in doing marketing or management in the fitness industry as well.

  12. Now Sports Scientists work with professional teams/ sports organisations / governments etc . IMO anyone that comes out of University with a sports science degree and works as a PT afterwards either didn’t give a fuck about there degree or is selling themselves short . The same goes to S+C degrees / Kinesiology . As someone doing a Sports Science degree I find people really do underestimate the amount of work and effort that is needed to do well . We are more than just glorified babysitters .

  13. I got my Bachelors degree in exercise science and I worked in a gym doing corporate wellness at a big company. I was only earning $28,000 salary. I also did personal training on the side to make ends meet. I then decided to go back to school for nursing and now I’m a registered nurse. I think getting a degree in exercise science is waste of money unless you want to continue your education and do physical therapy. Don’t make the same mistake as me because student loans are a bitch.

  14. Great advice! At one point, I wanted a kinesiology degree but decided to get a NASM certification, get into the field and learn the business side. Best decision I made. I’m not making a shit ton of money but $60,000/year and looking to move that up to $80,000 next year is not that bad. I agree with you to minor in it and learn the business! Keep rocking, man!

  15. Even if one were to major in buisness and minor kines you still will have a hard time finding work. I say that because the minor would imply that you are particular with what  administration position you would like the fill. The fact is that the supplement industry may be booming sales wise but they occupy a very small percentage of the workforce. we’re talking less than 1%. Of course if your outgoing and vocal and etc you will probably be lucky. 

  16. Easily transitions into Physical Therapy school, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Physical Ed. Teacher… Plethora of career choices…

  17. EXACTLY what I’m doing, Marc. Business major at Indiana University and minoring at exercise science. Very reassuring to hear you recommend the same thing.

  18. What about a combination degree? My school’s program is a combination of a batchelor’s in exercise science and a minor in business administration. You get a degree in both. Will this give me more options?

  19. I’m doing Business Marketing and Kinesiology. I don’t want to waste my time and not that I’m hanging onto your every word. Thank you for confirmation bless!

  20. I believe any degree is fantastic but it depends truly on your own skills and experience. If you settle for a regular bachelors degree and just do basic P.E, well your asking for nothing. It depends also on your area where your located. This man was in Cali so yeah pointless for him to do that. Business was a smart move. But Kinesiology is amazing if your a sport lover, Id chase becoming a collegiate trainer or physical therapist but pursue a Masters and the ball is always in your hands trust me, 65,000 and above and that’s not including moving up!

  21. Curious to watch this now running into it since I graduated last year with a BS in Kinesiology & apparently this video came out the year I graduated high school & was entering uni. It was also around the same time I found your channel for supplement advice. Sooo I might be biased because I graduated & plan on becoming a physician & you need a degree, obviously, to become a doctor but honestly… kinesiology gains you more knowledge than a typical trainer. I switched to kinesiology from bio degree bc I was a highschool athlete & was more interested in the subject.Labs involved using hightech equipment to personally find our own VO2 max, speed, power,accurate body fat %. We have that knowledge. Try asking your gym trainer about how to find those specific #’s so you can scientifically know how to up your performance… they’d prob use bro science. All my professors are very aware of bro science & correct it accordingly. If you have a kinesiology degree, you prove you have the knowledge to do research for Nike or other big brands with sponsored athletes or work with professional teams as a trainer/professional. Ive done research for Nike as an undergrad & they give you chance to work at the headquarters and pay you as an intern. They also give you housing. I’m not talking doing the buisness side, spending 2 hrs to talk money with an athlete or some storeworker. I’m talking training or researching for pro athletes who know they need your knowledge to train them optimally & you’ll build a close friendship with them. I honestly don’t know any well respected trainer at any big companies/sports teams who don’t have some type of degree in sports science. I’m not talking for celebrities.. I’m talking actual team athletes. I’ve had friends come to me for training & sports therapy advice. Go watch ‘Anatomy of a (athlete)’ on the Olympic Channel or Nike Sports Training Lab on YouTube, thats what equipment I learned to use & how to apply it to increase performance.

  22. You had me at 0:15 with your pec twitch! And thanks for s truism. It is so much about business and marketing. It is not so much who you know, as it is who knows you. Too bad colleges short change us science majors by placing so many hours on lab work and nothing on resumes, marketing, and biz. A degree and all rejects. Bummer. I use TFH Touch for Health in a more specific way/ Now I just have to find a way to promote me.

  23. Hey Marc,
    I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I saw your video on personal training as a career and why its a bad decision. I instantly became a subscriber. I have a question; I earned a kinesiology degree and I now know I can go back to school for a masters. What area in business is safe for finding a job when I graduate???

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