Thinking of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist? Watch this first!

Thinking of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist? Watch this first!

In this video, I’m sharing my answer to a question I get asked at LEAST once a week: Where do you go to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist, and did you enjoy it?

I completed my diploma in advanced Holistic Nutrition all from home via a school called Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition. You can learn more about them here:

Learn more about my Holistic Nutrition Services, available via Skype or Phone internationally:

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Michelle Breau, RHNP


  1. Hi michelle,hope you dont mind me dropping you a quick message. I found your video on becoming a holistic nutritionist after searching youtube for nutraphoria as I was thinking of enrollling in their program ! I really want to become a holistic nutritionist but i wasnt sure if their price was too good to be true and if it was a scam .. because no one seems to know about it . And the IIN qualification that everyone on youtube seems to have/recomend is 3 times the price ! which i could never afford. So i just wanted to double check that the programme is legit and you would reccomend it? Is their online system good and do you think the content is value for money? Also , how have you found going into this as a career? Does it provide enough money to support you ? Is it easy to find clients? Im just about to finish my degree in economics and I could go into the corporate world quite easily and earn a fair bit but plant based /holistic nutrition is my passion and if i can make money doing that I will go for it ! thanks so much – also i have messaged you on facebook if you want to reply to me there.

  2. I live in the states and nutrition has always been a passion of mine. For fun, I look up health benefits of each food…im praying I can find a school in the states….unless I can enroll in Canada for this? Anyone have any advice?

  3. Hi Michelle! Thank you for this video <3 For quite a while I’ve been set to do the nutrition course by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and I wonder if you ever looked into that one as well, since you accidentally stumbled on Nutraphoria?

  4. Thank you so much for this video. I’m actually in the south western shore of NS and attended Dalhousie to obtain my BScN in Nursing 6 years ago. I’m looking to become a holistic nutritionist myself and the school you mention is the one I’m looking at attending. Glad to know you enjoyed it!

  5. Hey I was just wondering is it way harder to have a clinic and make money as a holistic nutritionist? It is my passion but becoming a dietician costs a lot of money and they tend to push things like grains which I dont agree with. I was thinking holistic nutrition would be perfect but I know it is not as well respected as a dietician and people are not always covered by insurance. Would love to hear your perspective on making money and being taken seriously as a holistic nutritionist 🙂 thanks!

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey! Do you do in person, online sessions, groups? I’m just about to graduate and it seems overwhelming to use all those programs and forms. Would you mind sharing what you use or how you structure your sessions or how to get started maybe in another video?

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  8. Hi, I am a bit confused. What education is required for a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) or a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (RHNP). I can’t seem to find this information and I did visit your website.

  9. To take this program is any prior education required. I’ll graduate high school in a year and a half, but is an undergrad required?

  10. Hi Michelle, was it easy for you to get started with your own business right away? Or that you are lacking in what a traditional in class room program would offer? and sorry to ask another question but did you also have like a clinical portion or a co-op at the end? Thanks!!! Great video by the way!

  11. Yes I’m in school right now for pharmacy technician but I’m really debating whether or not it’s what God wants me to be doing. I’m on the verge of seeing a holistic doctor for my chronic illness and I think becoming a nutritionist would be awesome ! I always stuggle with what to eat and what works good for my body . Due to the fact that not every “ healthy food “ that is supposedly good for you , good for me .

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