The Game Changers | Official Trailer

The Game Changers | Official Trailer

A UFC fighter learns everything he’d been taught about protein was a lie.

The Game Changers hits digital worldwide 10/1 & is available for preorder on iTunes in select countries! Get yours today:

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  1. Shhhh… Pay no attention to the genetics, insane workout regimens, training, an supplements behind the curtain…and and the millions of meat eaters who are just as strong and powerful…pay no mind.

  2. i just want to take a moment and thank everyone who is going vegetarian or vegan, itll certainly lower the cost of meat for me in the long run. lol you damn sheep (pun intended)

  3. Makes u think.. Santana dharma.. Ancient Indians all propagated vegetarian diet.. The elephant is the strongest animal and it just eats grass.. All non veg.. U have to try to be veg consitenlty for 2 months to notice changes.. (less anger.. Less lustful thoughts.. Less negativity.. Less pains.. Less spasms injuries…)

  4. I almost died for the vegan stupid diet, too much lectins and antinutrients gave me autoimmune disease which lead to cancer. I went full raw carnivore diet and now I’m healed, I feel better than ever. Dont watch this satanic documentary, the jews want you weak and malnourished!

  5. I only eat plant based food and it feels so good for both body and brain. It feels good in the soul so its the right food for me ❤️

  6. Found out I had chronic kidney failure in 1989. A VEGAN diet sustained me for twenty years and shortened my total dialysis time to only 2 years. Received a kidney transplant and the same diet has normalized most blood levels and decreased all transplant related trouble spots. THIS IS NOT “BS…”

  7. Hinduism does not require a vegetarian diet, but many Hindus avoid eating meat because they believe that it minimizes hurting other life forms. Vegetarianism is considered satvic, that is purifying the body and mind lifestyle in some Hindu texts.

    Lacto-vegetarianism is favored by many Hindus, which includes milk-based foods and all other non-animal derived foods, but it excludes meat and eggs. There are three main reasons for this: the principle of nonviolence (ahimsa) applied to animals, the intention to offer only vegetarian food to their preferred deity and then to receive it back as prasad, and the conviction that non-vegetarian food is detrimental for the mind and for spiritual development. Many Hindus point to scriptural bases, such as the Mahabharata’s maxim that "Nonviolence is the highest duty and the highest teaching", as advocating a vegetarian diet.

  8. we are carnivores. period. Look at wild tribes – all hunters, that’s our Genome. wild animals don’t have a footprint. eat those, eat small animals and small birds. vegans have less testosterone and many Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies. Glycation is melting vegans and their health away.

  9. Milk and Eggs make you strong, therefor if you eat the animal that gives you the Milk and eggs, you get infinitely stronger!

  10. Wow game changers finally did something once thought impossible, it made nutritionists, dieticians and coaches all finally agree on something, that this is pure propaganda tripe

  11. This movie says that its propaganda to say that you need animal protein to be healthy, true. Its also propaganda to say that eating animal protein in unhealthy. My evidence is any one person in the world that is at least as "healthy" as a vegan, and those people are all over the place, me included.

  12. 30,000 olympics medalists
    12 Vegan vegetarian Olympics medalists.

    As a vegan I’m ashamed every time someone sells veganism like a church missionary or a timeshare pyramid membership.

  13. All I want to say is that now don’t go off unnecessarily demonize meat eaters and get in their way for fucks say . Those who want to change will change and vice versa . Live and let live people

  14. Fake shit. We already directly see vegetable eaters dude. They lose all their muscles, look tired all time. Noone believes this shit… Foolish try

  15. Love how people are acting like the truth has been revealed when it’s quite obvious that to be healthy you eat healthy foods.

  16. Most powerful creatures on the planet are bugs compared to weight. Bug proteins better than plant based. Heard it hear first folks…

  17. Major BS! There is not a plant based eater alive who can consume plant based foods in their raw form without any sauces or sweeteners as complete meals and be satisfied and thrive. Gladiators were not munching on heads of raw broccoli or cucumbers, nor were they roasting butternut squash and then drizzle it with maple syrup and olive oil. Common sense will clearly see this is a fallacy. All those who see benefits going plant based do so because they came from a standard american diet. Just like all those who go carnivore do too. The problem isn’t animal foods. The problem is the high simple starches, high fat oils, and high sugar combined with animal foods. Remove the toxic foods and you are left with healthy animal meats and byproducts, vegetables, and fruits. Those who believe chugging down almond and soy milk is beneficial clearly have not understood nutrition.

  18. James cameron went vegan because of the food these days. But protein does help to bulk up. And gain muscle. But also veggies, matters. Good clean protein, complex carbs. A sustainable wholefoods diet. Lomg term. Avoid simple carbs

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