Schizophrenia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

Schizophrenia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a type of mental disorder characterized by several types of symptoms, including positive symptoms like delusions and hallucinations, negative symptoms like alogia, and cognitive symptoms. Find more videos at

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  1. I’ve seen some people saying how much they hate people who self diagnose which I understand because yes mental illness is a living hell, but I don’t think self diagnosis is always bad. For me anyway, I was able to figure out I have OCD from the internet after thinking I was insane for over a year. I have an official diagnosis now, but knowing that I could have OCD made me a lot less scared at the time. That being said, I do think that you should see a therapist if you really think you could have a mental illness. Getting a professional diagnosis can be really helpful since you can 1. Possibly get treatment 2. Have a reason behind what you’re feeling.

  2. I was too young to have Schizophrenia, it’s gone worse, everytime I have to memorize something, I can forget it easily

  3. I have schizophrenia, mainly the cognitive symptoms. There was a time I had hallucinations and bizarre thought process, but now I struggle with learning and memorising information as I have constant fear, irritation and upset, resulting from past trauma/ experiences with mean people.

  4. Schizophrenia is spin-off for profit business reasearch by government and further reached to India where contract based underpaid jobs are prevalent. The disease makes educated labours and financial slaves.

    Many people are left deliberately by people at top on the name of recession, par below competition, family abuse, loans, mental harassment by wife or girlfriend.

    The disease force to do underpaid work due to dominance of socially mean people in localities. I suffered alot when I was living in Slums area declared by the great Britain, infront of Harijanbasti and further in Muslim dominated quarrelsome locatity.

    Research suggests that one should avoid areas where people often speak slangs or engage in fights for penny. The slang filled conversation you hear would ultimately program your brain and fill it with anxiety as one way or other your ansestor had also retaliated slangs. The best remedy for schizophrenia is to engage with good people for greater good.

    Moreover it is a disease due to identification of your weakness and hammering on to it by mean force rather helping to overcome weakness.

    Weakness could be anything from depression due to job loss, bf/gf ditching (high in modern era as sex is fun than pious union of two personified bodies), injury or trauma (generally on head)… mental stress due any factors….etc.

  5. ad before, "early man" ate only "shellfish and seafood"? and what if they lived even ten miles from the ocean?

    heck, it’s believed that our body took the form they have because of what’s called "persistence hunting," that our ancestors chased faster animals, which were only capable of bursts of speed, until the animals were exhausted, after we wounded them with arrows or thrown rocks.

    the problem with the meat we eat now is that we breed and raise the animals to be high in fat, because we like fatty meats.

  6. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been a schizophrenic since I was a kid but just never really thought about or realized it until recently.

  7. There are level access information beings accessable with the right mental capabilities underneath the negative voices

  8. I’ve struggles with this mental illness since before I can remember i was having auditory and visual hallucinations at a very young ages I would see people In the dark and bugs would crawl around me and fly towards me I would be sitting at school and hear people calling my name I was bullied for it these struggles of hearing stuff and responding because there were so real to me. Having this illness from such a young age caused me to have severe anger and physical violence issues on myself and other people I was constantly in and out of residentials and psych hospitals most of my childhood. I was in therapy and on so many different medications but nothing worked I wasn’t diagnosed until my teen years because I was too young to officially diagnosed but all the symptoms where there at a young age I was finally put on clozapine which he mentioned in this video and it doesn’t work for everyone but for me it changed my life im 21 and still on the medication and I’m triving the the illness still has affects on me they never completely go away but I wanted to share my story just so people who have this mental illness know they are not alone and know to not be afraid to seek professional help this illness makes life harder but not impossible! To whoever read my story thank you for taking the time to read this paragraph and you are most definitely not Alone!!

  9. I don’t have schizophrenia but I have 2 of its syndromes

    -Hallucinations (I see alot of not so real things which is why I am paranoid and sleep with my shotgun)

  10. I was just diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder(bipolar type) and have finally gotten the right medication to prevent anything else from happening.

  11. My husband has all this and I’m going to support and be by his side best I know how. Love is unconditional.. prayers to all mentally illness people put there.They’re all special as well!!!

  12. Its an intrusion causing biological effects. I use shungite, lapadodite, other stones to filter and guage. I use also open tin foil tubes shiny side in. Placed under sinks and around floor of rooms. I have a buddy who has experienced a reduction from this process

  13. I have a vieuw trauma’s and i was 17 when i start noticeing voice and psygosis. I’am now 24 and i work hard and a single mom so it comes back now.. I want to have meditation i hope it works.

  14. how bout a person that randomly let a crazy laughter out for no apparent reason or a person that is constantly thinking people are out to get him/her what about an individual thinking he has born for a special purpose and one day the whole planet will know his name cause he will save the planet
    do all the mention behaviours fall under schizophrenia category

  15. I’ve experienced internal auditory hallucinations as well as visual and tactile hallucinations at a very young age, about 3 years old or so. Since the age range doesn’t match up, does that mean it’s not schizophrenia?

  16. Lol I remember in 3rd grade when I thought I could see the future because I kept seeing “graffiti” on the wall of my classroom

  17. is word salad like the example given, a series of jumbled nouns and adjectives?

    I knew a homeless guy who spoke word salad, but his nouns and verbs and all the rest were in the proper location, so that he spoke with correct grammar, but each element, the nouns, say, or the adverbs, didn’t make any sense in their context of the sentence.

  18. I have ptsd and I understand totally the schizoid personality trait it’s definitely me

  19. *Do you have any children? – Yes*
    The answer is correct because you’re directly asking if he/she has any children.

    The example should be:
    *What is the gender of your children? – Yes*
    Then there you go.

  20. I have this girl I talk to in my room and I hear a man talking to me in my house and I saw a girl by a busy road on the floor half naked and she was shouting for help but no one else saw her and I was taken to this spiritual place and was told I’m a healer and I can see spirits and need to guide them to the white light and I go therapy but I’m not allowed to tell them about what I see because my family says they’ll diagnose me with schizophrenia and put me in a mental hospital so I don’t know man someone comment and tell me what u think

  21. I lost a friend today that had schizophrenia to suicide . Please be kind to others and just bc they act “strange” does not mean their crazy. Your mind is very powerful it can make you see and hear things . I only had the phase for 6 months but those were the longest 6 months . I lost my friends, I stopped going to school and slept with my mom cause all I could hear was screams . You’re not alone , please don’t let it win.

  22. A serious schizophrenic will leave his garage door open, sit on a crate and look like a psychopath watching people. What percentage of them talk about committing homicide though?? It’s not to be made fun of though because I live next to someone who is seriously mentally ill. And I have no one to talk to about it. But this Giant girl gave me a pick-up line. Not showing up is total rejection. I ask once and that is it. I relocate because I have utter sickness, hatred for the area.

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