SCAM or SCIENCE? The Truth About CBD Products

SCAM or SCIENCE? The Truth About CBD Products

CBD oil and all things CBD are taking the nation by storm and have also found their way into pro sports including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. Along with medical marijuana, a lot of athletes are advocating for more use of these products.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series where I examine the intersection of CBD and sports. In this first video we’ll review the science behind CBD and whether or not it’s just big money making scam.

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  1. the only scam is the outrageous prices companies are charging for cbd products…… is good for a lot of ailments but should be much cheaper.

  2. More studies need to be done for sure, of course the studies have been held back by the government. One thing is for sure though CBD’s help with many things, there is just too much evidence out there that it has helped many people with a wide variety of ailments.

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  4. if it’s completely natural it should be allowed if nature produces it the Nature’s inhabitants should be free to use it

  5. The only way I have found to take CBD is vaping a high CBD strain. Your lungs take it in immediately. I suffer from severe chronic pain from surgeries and it’s a miracle. It’s immediate and last for hours. Also, I have given it to friends who suffer from many pain conditions and it’s 100% pan relief. I grow my own Harlequin organically. It’s a miracle plant. And not a placebo. Personally, I have never had any benefit from extracts or creams. Grow your own Harlequin. It will change your life.

  6. CBD isolate is a thing.. but isnt that effective..
    Full spectrum cannabinoids is what you want.. combined with terepenes…

  7. CBD/Hemp Extract is anti- inflammation, and relieves pain. H3 Infusion Hemp Extract is water soluble, available on Amazon, eBay.

  8. Look up Cannabis Oil Protocol in practice l Cannafest 2015 there are many testamonies as a cure for Cancers CBD Helps a lot but the true cure is High THC Grow your own look up Rick Simpson Oil on how to produce your own medicine it is life changing Lots of evidence and medical testamonies please look it up you will not be disappointed

  9. I’m 51, an avid 6mi day runner and I started taking 1500mg CBD oil once a day for inflammation. I definitely sleep better and sore muscle recovery is faster.

  10. Oh I remember practicing while brainwashed. When I could prescribe Marinol but couldn’t suggest nature I knew something was WAY off. No money in cures & ya can’t patent Nature (but you CAN patent intellectual property as it PERTAINS to Nature.)

  11. I dont need some guy to spend $100,000,000 on some ‘research’ to tell me it might work. I KNOW it works. Has kept me sane for 40 years. I had major psychological trauma when I was a child. I was withdrawn and scared to death of most people until I was 12 or 13. My only friend at the time smoked a joint with me. It was like being lost in a blizzard for years and suddenly finding a warm cabin. Within a few months I had several friends and joined the by scouts. Cannabis saved my life.

  12. Total scam. I’ve tried it all from gas station CBD, to the high end online products. It’s doesn’t do shit!. If you’re looking for more products like CBD. Comment your vemno handle. I’ll send you a money request. Pay the request and wait for further instructions.

  13. I have some that didn’t work but I have some I vaped definitely helped my Back. So I think it’s the amount of ect. Can make ya sleepy

  14. High quality CBD really works but often those tupperware moms selling cbd shit that even don’t contain right kind of a CBD.

  15. Leave CBD alone ya clickbait scam artist everyone who has used it knows fine well it works we dont need your guesswork or your lies thanks.

  16. only anecdotal I know but since taking CBD capsules, 75mg, for my knee pain I have quadrupled the distance I can walk without severe pain

  17. We should allow all big pharma to have first rights to investigate the benefits in the best interests of the consumer. In the meantime, caution the public

  18. CBD definitely helps against my cronic back in Germany they made it more difficult to get detailed information..on Amazon sellers aren’t even allowed anymore to use the word CBD in their description..if you want medical cannabis from your doctor you have to try out all available alternatives 1st before he can write a prescription ..but at least medical cannabis is legal now…living around 65 miles away from the Netherlands and there the buy and sell of small amounts is tolerated since the 70s.

  19. Almost every CBD product on the market today is 100% SCAM. It really is amazing how most people will fall for anything or trust anything even when it comes to ingesting things into their own bodies. Do some research people and you’ll find out for yourself….

  20. Reminds me of past miracle cure scams..same characteristics-first, no scientific studies, second, uncorroborated accounts of miracle cures, third: big marketing hype, ads on TV, Finally-the crash-you see this stuff at discount stores.

  21. Fighters take CBD and have been talking about it for years now it’s not till the someone from another sport did it smdh

  22. Always "CONSIDER THE SOURCE" when reading these "OMG TESTIMONIALS". I’ve tried HEMP OIL, CBD and THC just to see what all the noise was about. From my experience, all are something to SELL, not buy. There are many "natural" herbal supplements available to you, don’t waste your money on this CBD scam.

  23. I really wish EVERYONE would evaluate things with the same clinical and sensable logic you exhibit in your videos like this one. Honest, logical, and scientific data-driven opinions based on actual research is really what people are lacking these days. The internet has become a tinderbox of conspiracy, hoax, and illogical bias towards every type of thing, and the ability to sway popular opinion based on garbage speculation or lies is at an all-time high in the history of mankind. It’s truly an explosion of such things on a level of magnitude that we will never fully comprehend until decades later when younger generations look back at this time in history and study it for real. This is a pivotal time in human history we are living in, and we don’t even understand the scope of it yet.

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