Psoriasis CBD Oil Treatment – Is this what really helped?

Psoriasis CBD Oil Treatment – Is this what really helped?

Not sure if it’s UVB light or CBD oil treatment or both that helped, but time to focus fully on CBD.

My online diary:
2018-09-28: Things are getting bad

2018-10-20: Worst outbreak I’ve ever had

2018-10-24: Naturopath meeting

2018-11-12: Following the allergy report, almost daily oat/salt bath
Face redness mostly went away

2018-11-16: Started light therapy with Dermatologist

2018-12-04: Face redness mostly gone. Been going to light therapy every mon/wed/fri, skin cleared up quite a bit. Mainly hairlines effects still and maybe another 5-10% everywhere else left along with white faded spots on the rest of the back and shoulders.

2018-12-13: Most of the psoriasis is faded away, mostly just red dots that were there but clearly faded and healing. Nothing as flaky as it was. Face isn’t red as it was (expect for videos/photos as the camera picks it up somehow). Still going 2-3 times a week to the UVB light treatment. No creams really used, introduced chocolate back.

2018-12-20: Started going to the UVB light treatment on Tue/Fri only, still maintaining the diet. Eating limited chocolate. Face and behind the ears seems clear, back is fully clear, butt and back of legs have some faded red spots that are healing.

2018-12-27: Not much changed. No light therapy for over a week (closed because of holidays).

2019-01-06: Most of the psoriasis is gone, just little bits here and there left. Slacking off on going to the light therapy but trying to get 1-2 sessions per week at the minimum. Introduced chocolate back. It does seem to make my stomach make noises but i don’t find it effecting my psoriasis

2019-01-18: Adjusted to Alkaline water once again. Really slacking off on going to the light therapy.. possibly because everything is clear for the most part. Might consider introducing dairy back.

2019-02-03: Went maybe once to the light therapy due to time commitment issues. Cutting out chocolate again as area above the nose seems to get flaky but the rest of the body is great

2019-02-25: Around nose area redness, a bit of spots on elbows again. Went to light therapy maybe twice in 3 weeks. Started CBD oil again as I think that helps


  1. I just started using a new type of spray/foam called Enstilar and it’s just AMAZING. After just a week the spots are almost completely gone. You can look it up on youtube, it really helps!

  2. I’ve been trying intermittent fasting, OMAD, one day fasts, also trying to cleanse my liver with herbs and lemon water, haven’t attempted a gallbladder cleanse yet

  3. If it’s difficult for you to go to the light treatments in your psoriasis or eczema is severe enough you can get a white cabinet paid for by your insurance company and delivered to your home I have Medicare and in my case I am visually impaired along with other disabilities and they paid for one to be installed in my home it’s a very simple thing they deliver it looks like an app right tanning bed you open it turn it on with the key and do your light therapy . Only problem is the device is somewhat big it’s sitting in the middle of my living room because right now I just have no other place to put it so it is what it is.

  4. I recently added a pool at my house and a few hours of soaking combined with my normal topical and cbd has really helped.

  5. I have had psoriasis now for 2-3 years (diagnosed at 51 yrs old). I recently started the UVB light therapy twice a week. I’m on my 7th treatment and still have not hit 2 minutes in the light box. I am seeing some changes in my psoriasis. Lighter in color and not as itchy but I am still finding more and more spots coming out. I have it on my face, hairline, ears arms, legs and back. I currently use Fluocinonide Ointment and CeraVe Lotion. My dermatologist said that if the light therapy does not help we will move on to oral medications which I am not happy about because of the side effects. I had a friend suggest CBD oil and i’m anxious to hear how it works for you! Please continue to update us! Thank you for what your doing! Glad to know i’m not alone in this frustrating journey! ~Wendy

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