Practically Applying Exercise Science (Pt 1)

Practically Applying Exercise Science (Pt 1)

A new member of True Fitness Solutions named Laura, allowed us to interview and document her testing and progress. Her first 3 month exercise prescription cycle started the beginning of February 2015. We’ll keep track and document her progress and quarterly VO2 testing.

You are guaranteed the results you want when it comes to fitness when you utilize and practically apply exercise. Mike Craven, owner of True Fitness Solutions, aka Mike’s Olympic Gym writes people Exercise Prescription based off their test results and goals. The prescription is based off exercise science which means you WILL get the results you want – IF you stick to the prescription.

In this video you’ll hear Mike briefly talk about the Resting Metabolic Rate test (RMR Test), you’ll see the test being performed on Laura and Laura will answer some questions and give her background when it comes to past diets and exercise routines she’s been involved with.

ALL RMR Tests need to be done while fasting for a minimum of 8-10 hours.

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