Pain Management EHR PrognoCIS Testimonial

Pain Management EHR PrognoCIS Testimonial

Hello, I’m Dr. Ravi Panjabi, and I’m board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. I moved to California in April 1998, and I have devoted my career to helping patients suffering from acute and chronic pain for over 11 years. My practice is called Advanced Pain Management and there are four different offices in California: Castro Valley, San Ramon, Pleasanton, and Fremont.

Each day, I typically handle a variety of pain management problems, such as low back, joint and neck pain; disc herniation; degenerative disc disease; spinal stenosis; persistent post-surgical pain; headaches; cancer pain; fibromyalgia; shingles pain; neuropathy; complex regional pain syndrome, etc. Some of the procedures I perform at my practice include: lumbar epidural steroid injections, facet joint injection, medial branch block, cervical epidural steroid injection, celiac plexus block, radiofrequency rhizotomy of cervical spine, pump refills, etc.

A couple of years ago, I decided to select a fully integrated, electronic medical records system called PrognoCIS EMR, which was developed with the help of consulting pain management physicians, at my practice.

From what I’ve learned, PrognoCIS’ main pain management-centric features include:
• The new iPad app enables physicians to create offline patient encounters on their laptop or tablet PC and sync it seamlessly with the EMR system after each patient visit.
• Anatomical mark-ups are available, which is particularly useful for trigger point injections
• Pre-designed, customizable templates for the most common pain management procedures, such as CESI, LESI, facet block, SI joint injection
• Pain management specific HPI and complaints with systematic documentation of pain’s effect on daily activities, the efficacy of previous treatments tried, expected outcome of the present pain treatment, etc.
• Pain management-specific patient education materials with procedure-specific instructions and precautions.

Other benefits of using PrognoCIS include:
• Seeing and treating more patients effectively and efficiently
• Utilizing my staff better as a result of improved practice workflow
• Generating more revenue due to better documentation
• Being able to have a customized EMR solution based upon my practice workflow
• Receiving excellent support from the PrognoCIS implementation team
Besides everything that I just mentioned — I’m also able to receive a Meaningful Use certification, which makes me eligible to receive stimulus money. Overall, I’m very happy that I decided to use PrognoCIS Pain Management EMR at my practice.

For my details about PrognoCIS EMR, visit:


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