OPTAVIA Health Coach COPE Certification Module 1 – study group

OPTAVIA Health Coach COPE Certification Module 1 – study group

Welcome to the first of six training modules for OPTAVIA Health Coaches interested in getting certified. This replay of Module #1 is from a COPE Certification Study group.

Text Book for Module #1: Discover Your OPTIMAL HEALTH
by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen.

Topic: Awakening your Client’s Desire for Health

Presented by OPTAVIA COPE Certified Health Coach, Joyce Blonskij from Team Healthy World

Q: Who should watch this video?

A: New OPTAVIA Coaches and others interested in coaching with us, and getting this certification.

This first video from the self study course was created to help coaches with some of the information needed to pass the COPE Certification exam.

Our Team found many coaches learn in group environments, some are more visual, bottom line is we all have different ways we lean.

This is not a substitute for getting into the COPE Learning Center and going through all the materials. However, in our six week study class coaches will get a good recap of the information needed to take and pass the exam.

If you are interested in discovering more about coaching and seeing if it’s a good fit for you, please visit: www.teamhealthyworld.com and schedule a 10 minute call.

Coach Joyce Blonskij
(916) 812-2378

We broadcast live every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm (pst) via Zoom. The study group is quarterly starting the first Tuesday of the quarter. No change to attend the study group.

log in at: https://zoom.us/j/697690215

Watching this video and reading the suggested materials is not a guarantee coaches will pass the COPE Exam. It is intended to be a recap of the materials. We recommend new coaches to go through all six modules and materials before sitting for the exam.

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