1. hey all, out of all the fat loss programs that I have ever been on, the only diet that changed everything for me was Adams fat code (you can find it on google). Definitely the most workable diet that made me look better and happier.

  2. The Voice sync its Hilarious eating healthy foods make you fatty XD i want to burn in a fire with bill cosby than watcvh this video its SOO CRINGY

  3. Good video. Has anyone got an opinion on this info product called Burwan Super Fast Diet Plan? I’ve checked out the landing page but don’t know if it’s just sales hype. Perhaps someone who has been brave 🙂 enough to buy it please share their views? Thank you

  4. Parrot is so annoying and body shaming is unnecessary please consult with a certified nutritionist before posting material to children on public spaces thank you.

  5. I.am in 10 std I love science . science Maira favorite subject Kyu ki maira ek sapna hai ki mai Badi ho kai doctor bano mairai mummy Papa ka name Roshan karo mairai family kaa name Roshan karo

  6. He isn’t fat because he eats fat, he’s fat because he eats to much. Your body needs healthy fats, however too much of anythingll make you fat

  7. I wanted to use this video so that a group of kids could learn about what types of food there are and what is in them. When they got to the "fats" part, I realized that it was being explained all wrong! I do not like the use of the words "fat" instead of heavy and "fatty" instead of heavier due to lack of exercise and possible overeating. Whoever made this video should take several steps back and find other ways to explain weight gain or heaviness or do a voice-over. This teaches children to refer to those who have extra pounds as being fat, which is a put-down. In all reality, we ALL have fat and we ALL come in different shapes and sizes. Just because one person may weigh 115 lbs. and another 135 lbs., does that mean that the one weighing heavier is "fat"? Does it mean that the individual weighing 115 lbs. is a toothpick or skinny? Keep in mind that I did not include height or age. Referring to people when discussing size, taunting names like "toothpick" and "fatty" should not be used, but more appropriate adjectives should be. I am saddened that you do not know the difference. I will not be sharing this as a learning tool and I should report it!

  8. The very mention of the word “Diet” instills a dread in many of us. However, in nutrition “Diet” is the sum of food consumed by a person while Dietary habits are the decisions an individual makes when choosing what foods to eat. Individual dietary choices may be more or less healthy. Proper nutrition requires the proper ingestion and equally important, the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and fuel in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Dietary habits and choices play a significant role in health and mortality, and can also define cultures and play a role in religion.


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