1. No, data…… er, perhaps that’s because you refuse to look at the millions now healed from cancer with cannabis

  2. Does anyone think this video is a tad bit nefarious or is it just me ? Let’s put things in perspective here . Do some steroids also adversely affect the liver ?

  3. RSO CURED My Stage 4 Liver Cirrhosis!! I had HEP C that was Successfully cured by a Pharmaceutical drug, but I was left with Stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver after 30 years with HEP.
    I am a medical Cannabis user and have a designated grower, grow my cannabis, I made RSO with it.
    Before the treatment my liver was at stage 4 cirrhosis w/level 4 scarring (according to my hepatologist), hardness of 24. After the treatment I was at a hardness of 7.6 The fat on my liver went from 34% down to 17%. This meant I was at stage 2 cirrhosis.
    I am going to have another fibroscan this year and I am positive it will be even better.
    I agree there is no where near enough info and people like me are the Ginny pigs. according to Israeli research different strains cure different things. A strain that kills one type of cancer won’t kill the next. For this reason I used 5 different strains, hoping to have success and luckily I did.
    Before I started my treatment, I researched for months about cannabis and the liver.
    If you are interested in learning about the healing powers of cannabis and CBD’s ….. Look on youtube. Search cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system and Israeli cannabis research, there is a wealth of information.

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