Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34

Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34

Our exploration of ethical theories continues with another theistic answer to the grounding problem: natural law theory. Thomas Aquinas’s version of this theory says that we all seek out what’s known as the basic goods and argued that instinct and reason come together to point us to the natural law. There are, of course, objections to this theory – in particular, the is-ought problem advanced by David Hume.

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  1. things I’ve learned from Mark Passio – Natural Law is not a "theory", Natural Law is absolute and you are bound by it, whether you believe in it or not.

  2. There is nothing divine in Christianity! Christianity is a pagan idol worship Roman imperialist agenda for domination, extermination and control of all those who disobey the Caesar.

  3. Do not kill? No. Its DO NOT MURDER. Killing is permissible within Natural Law if you are defending your right to life. He/she whom is trying to violate yours has forfeited theirs. That’s how real Natural Law works

  4. But suppose we wonder about "dangerous, stupid stuff". We might even be come ignorant and/or careless about "dangerous and stupid stuff "? Suppose we explore philosophies about meaninglessness and purposelessness, we might think that since we have no meaning in this universe, it all a joke, then could we become ignorant and careless about "dangerous and stupid stuff" ? I think yes !! Hell, we might think that if we are going to die shouldn’t we take everyone with us ? Mass murder become us. A negetive injunction against life ? Who wants to reproduce ? We should only care about ourselves not others. Isn’t life totally without meaning anyway ? Lets have a war against ourselves, If it doesn’t have a heart beat kill, no, if does destroy it. Who cares ?? Hatefulness is good, anger is joy, drugs are more meaningful, it causes sensations that leads us to hate ourselves more.

  5. Life is the exception ; extinction is the rule . This planet , in fact this universe is extremely hostile to life .

  6. Now the next question why do people feel the need to follow others , out of fear all these governments rule through violence, NOT NATURAL LAW , sad & unfortunate.

  7. Man is able to violate the natural law because he is a rational animal. Man has free-will. Man is able to abstract with his intellect and choose with his will. Non-rational animals are not bound to the Natural Law (according to Aquinas the Natural Law is the rational participation in the Eternal Law).

  8. I legitimatedly thought he was going to snap and say something like why is the world so full of jerkwads in much unkinder words

  9. Hi Hank! This video had a lot of useful information for my thesis, but I’m trying to figure out how to cite some of this info and/or where I can find the original source material. Should I contact the script writer/consultant?

  10. The problem with natural law is; some cancel out others and others enforce some AND we don’t know what they all are BUT considering that every law seems to need two sides or two meanings or two applications for two different peoples – I have come to believe that considering the highest probability, we very well, might very likely be living on a Binary star system and wonder what beings, from a trinary or solitary system would look like

  11. The only problem with the concept of "God" is that you can’t create a universe, or even exist, without energy and matter to begin with. It is impossible to have God without a universe, which is why the idea that God created the universe is nonsensical.

  12. You sound like you know natural law but i think your lacking some knowledge…. To really know natural law google or YouTube Mark passio natural law… Very in-depth lecture…. 8hrs long…. If you really want to know natural law…

  13. Why don’t people follow natural law all the time? Because the universe is infinitly complex and mankind is finite and even if a person can make the proper sacrifices to he will inevitably, tragically be overwhelmed by this infinite chaos and die. Of course we don’t do it, the question should be, "why does anyone ever try to do it at all! -JP

  14. one subject in philosophy doesn’t include everything if you want to know all of your answers you should go for law and rules. that is make us human and not animals. and the best rules are the ones that God made for you.

  15. Given the times Aquinas lived in he really was a brilliant man . He just refused to question the existence of god .

  16. God’s law is written on everyone’s heart. (Romans 2:15) People violate the natural law because they want to. People want what they want ….even when it is fattening, dangerous, illegal, harmful or immoral.

  17. One of the things I like about Crash Course is that it feels like I’m learning a lot, but it doesn’t take long. I hardly notice 10 minutes have passed by the time the video ends.

  18. Those are very weak arguments against natural law. Natural law is the most moral and logical concept ever devised by man. Everything else especially from Germany is simply resentment and tyranny disguised as morality.

  19. Is funny how the videos made with the most ressources, tend to present the crappiest information – I mean WTF?!

  20. Nice to see that there is a lot of quality in your work. I can say with certainty that this is a valuable source of evidence and should be treated as one.

  21. This is the reason why classical liberalism is the only possible moral political system, and why by monarchy and socialism, which do not recognize natural rights and instead collect power in centralized authorities, are inherently immoral.

  22. We seem to be seeing an argument against Natural Law being an inherent trait for humans in the growth of the number of people who are in fact embracing ignorance and viewing the word "educated" as a pejorative, as if too much learning makes one less trustworthy (presumably because they’ve "learned all kinds of tricks" to fool them. A similar trait would be those who base their worldview entirely on one set of ideas (in many cases religious, although political totalitarians are similar) and loudly discard any other source of knowledge or the ideas of those who seek other sources. In effect, the shun all ideas but those they are comfortable with and demand everyone else do the same.

    It also seems to contradict Natural Law to do things like leap onto a grenade on the battlefield on an impulse, exchanging certain death for the knowledge that you’ve saved the lives of the rest of your squad. Self-preservation as a primary good seems to fall short in that situation.

    So it appears that "obedience" to the Natural Law is a trait that is not really inherent but must be taught. Which does not make living by its basic principles invalid, but does mean there are ethical systems — ALL ethical systems — are skills that must be learned deliberately. And it is not merely possible but almost obligatory to teach these systems.

  23. Great presentation until the end….it’s fine to disagree with a theory, but it’s obnoxious when very easily answered criticisms are presented as if they are devastating to the theory. I notice this trend every time God comes up in these videos. Either your bias goes deep (and you just don’t care about presenting both sides fairly) or you’re ignorant of the best arguments.

  24. On 4:31 minutes there’s a quote by Thomas Aquinas (about the bible, and why it’s unnecessary in order to understand the natural law). I’m curious if he really said this, so I’ve tried to confirm this quote, but I can’t find it anywhere. Could you please provide the source for this quote? Thanks in advance!

  25. Even if you don’t believe in God, there can still be natural law. 2+2=4 is a natural law. Cooperation achieves more than aggression is a natural law. It’s just there, it just is. These are laws we live under. So I think we can still accept and follow natural law, even without having to believe in whatever.

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