1. For about 3 months I’ve been waking up at 5 am Monday – Friday and working out for about an hour and a half. It’s been great and rewarding so far.

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  3. This brain training game“nonu amazing only” (Google it) will keep your mind lively. While I am still young, I would like to workout my brain by executing lots of things so I could reduce the risks of having brain complications brought by retirement years. You can improve your concentration ability and memory by expending a few minutes a day in the game.

  4. Doing this starting tomorrow waking at 4:45 am leave home at 5:20am and get in the gym before 6am wish me luck! Hello new me

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  7. wow didnt know this. how about waking up every day at 6o clock, going to jog for 30min going back for shower and then having breakfast and coffee. EVERY SINGLE DAY

  8. I have been adding gym routine in the morning since few months ago and I feel like it’s highly effective. For past 1 week it was really difficult to wake up at 6 am and felt lazy to workout at gym. But slowly everything changed. I know enjoy every morning exercise daily and it feels really great whole day after working out in the morning.

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  10. So true…use to think i was healthy as I was naturally slim and ate a healthy diet. Adding exercise improved my mental health 10fold!

  11. I have no problem exercising later in the day. Never been a morning fitness type. I’ve tried but then I feel like going to bed after a morning workout

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  13. yep. workout before you eat anything in the morning. I’ve been going to the gym (if anyone cares) and I’ve been doing good so far.. I lost 25 pounds in 2 1/2 months. but now I’m stuck at 230.. trying to get down to 200.. going to the gym tomorrow morning. I usually go to the gym for about an hour and ten minutes every other day now. but I noticed that when I worked out first thing in the morning before eating anything, I dropped it much quicker. Consuming whey protein helps you feel full.

  14. This mind exercising game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) entertains me considerably! They`re quite tough and I wish taking part in these games help enhance my ability to remember and focus. Funny point was, the entire household wound up enjoying this game, and moving my mobile phone around!

  15. This brain training game“nonu amazing only” (Google it) keeps your mind lively. At my years of age, I am into performing as many various things as possible to avoid the numerous issues facing elderly people as their brain ages. You could enhance your focus ability and memory by expending a few minutes a day in the game.

  16. Hey Kram im your new sbcrbr… im happy…
    by the way can you make some info’s, or intake and or activities that keeps the "will power" on the go? and or how to revive it?
    what are such food and or activities that will nourish the brain, so the will power will just keep moving………

  17. I always knew that people that were fit were the smartest…Like they’re able to figure out so many puzzling things so easily…

  18. Does it matter when you wake up? if you sleep 8 hours and you wake up in the evening. do you still get same benefit if you go for walk right after you wake up.

  19. Great video. Energetic twice daily sex is the #1 best exercise for mind and body and sleep. Pushups #2 for body. Also go up stairs or hills.

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