Mental Health Statistics in America (US) (Statistics, Facts, and Data)

Mental Health Statistics in America (US) (Statistics, Facts, and Data)

Mental Health Statistics in America (US) (Statistics, Facts, and Data) – Learn more:

Mental Health Statistics in America (Statistics, Facts, and Data): Presented by
Did you know: 1 in 5 adults, in the US, have a mental health condition. The mental health of the youth, in the US, is worsening. 76% of today’s youth do not obtain enough treatment or care. 56% of American adults do not obtain treatment and lack access to care. The ratio of individuals per professionals, in the US, is 6:1. Alabama has only 1 mental health professional per 1,260 individuals.

Youth with severe depression has increased from 5.9 to 8.2% in 5 years. About 1 in every 25 adults have a serious mental illness in the US. 18.1% of adults in the US experienced an anxiety disorder in 1 year. According to the CDC, suicide is the 10th cause of death in the US. 1 in 100, or 1.1%, of American adults have schizophrenia. 6.1 million American adults have bi-polar disorder, that’s 2.6%. 16 million Americans adults or 6.9% have major depression. Roughly 10 million adults have co-occurring mental health & addiction disorders. 24% of state prisoners had a recent mental health condition. 90% of the people who died from suicide had a mental health illness. The leading cause of disability, in the world, is depression.

Half of all chronic mental illnesses start by age 14 and third by age 24. 11% of American youth have a mood disorder and 8% have an anxiety disorder. Suicide for youth ages: 10-24 is the 3rd leading cause of death. Youth ages 14 and up have a school dropout rate of 37%.

What can we do to help?

1. Talk with your doctor or healthcare professional.
2. Get a mental health specialist referral.
3. Reach out to friends and family or join a support group.
4. Be active and try social activities.
5. Care for a pet or make an adoption.
6. Ask a loved one to check on you regularly.
7. Don’t forget to eat healthy and exercise.
8. Confide in a clergy member, teacher, or sports coach.

Finally, if you or anyone is ever in any kind of danger call 911 immediately.



  1. The ending should provide ways to help others with mental illnesses more than ourselves. Homeless schizophrenics need help most of all.

  2. I don’t like mental health professionals because all they do is write my "symptoms" down on a piece of paper & give me a prescription for pills. I don’t want your God damn pills! I NEED HELP!!!

  3. are you a mute? if i wanted to read and listen to crappy music i’d flip on some nickle back and open a more detailed article about mental health

  4. I wounder why Americans have so many mental health issues compared to the rest of the world. It is quite clear to see theres something thats just not right with them, even the ”healthy ones” compared to Europeans or Asians. Americans are far less rational and far more prone to fits of violence and depression. I am very interested to do some reseach into the causes behind this terrible problem, Its not just poverty or malnutrition tho they don’t help. I do believe the overabundance of synthetic chemicals in food plays the largest part of it. The USA is well known for having the worst food standards but it is possible that its a pollution based issue instead.

  5. It would help if the stigma surrounding mental illness & the sought of mental health care were that of all medical issues & not singled out as "crazy" or violent or unstable. The mental health profession has to get better! Psychiatrists need better training on identifying different diagnosis & take the time to listen to patients tell the whole story & not rush them in & out only wanting to hear their symptoms to write prescriptions. The majority of adults who suffer from chronic PTSD have been misdiagnosed multiple times by psychiatrists! Their techniques of diagnosing is extremely subjective & not conclusive. Mental health therapists need better, in depth trauma training. Many Therapists, nowadays, will only accept out of pocket payments instead of insurance ranging from $125-$225! Social Security Disability with Medicare only pays for 309 bed days in a psychiatric hospital for a Lifetime! Cancer patients would have their bed days restricted to a number per lifetime nor should any other diagnosis! Majority of homeless have mental illness & are addicted to drugs & alcohol. Democrats are crying over illegals but you don’t see a single illegal alien homeless on the streets! They get the support, money & help! When the mental health institutions were closed & the residents were forced out back in the 90’s, the homeless population increased rapidly. Some people did well in an institution & maintained taking their medications, had a job, etc. The psychiatric profession has to get better & actually help individuals improve their lives. Enough with simply over medicating & taking advantage of people’s ignorance & gullibility.

  6. 19 States allow Cousins to Marry , the WHOLE East Coast and Looney Toon California , and You say mental Health as a money maker was not Planned .. Remember when Doctor’s did House calls because of no Work , you changed that Quick America , You Have Your Real Agenda , The Yid’s have plenty of work… many of Us came to the USA and have evolved to a Memory 5 times above the Average Tech , But most can’t even do Basic assembly Jobs , That is the Real America !!! Some of us are GOOD WILL HUNTING and most of you are Hunting in GOODWILL !!!

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