Mental Health DAY IN MY LIFE | therapy breakthroughs, mental check, yoga, cleaning

Mental Health DAY IN MY LIFE | therapy breakthroughs, mental check, yoga, cleaning

MENTAL HEALTH Day In My Life | mental check up, therapy, cleaning, yoga | SUMMER SELF CARE DAY | this vlog means a lot to me so thank you in advance for watching xx |

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  1. Hi! can someone help me? there’s a video in which Renee talks about thoughts–emotions–behaviors or reactions, in that order. How one affects the other, and it was so interesting to me I wanted to take notes but I don’t find the video, I forgot which one it was, please if you remember or have seen it I’ll be so grateful if you can send me the link. Thanks!xoxo!

  2. This video was very helpful <3 going though a boy problem right now. Not supposed to be a big deal but it really hurts me and I can’t shift my thoughts away from the situation whereas good things are happening soon in my life and I can’t seem to enjoy them because of that :-/

  3. Yes, I love your idea of sharing lessons you learn in your therapy sessions. Would be beneficial to so many people!! I love all of your videos, and am thankful for your words and ideas!!

  4. I am a woman living with Asperger’s and on my channel I like to talk about mental wellness, socialization, and overcoming mood and anxiety struggles

  5. The idea of situations happening at the developmental stage of your life, affecting how we are in adulthood really was a light bulb moment for me. Thankyou for sharing this xx

  6. Renee, your are way ahead of your time. Your ability to deal with independence ( except your boo/chiwawa). This inspiring, it makes me want to brush my teeth more. LOL I don’t have the energy an emotional hang-over. God will win your battle as long you stay at peace.

  7. Love this video ideas! Such a great concept. Love seeing other peoples mental health tips. Never can get enough of them!

  8. Could I blame my mental health issues .if I killed the bastards who abused me and my brother then who topped himself because it . .? If yes best way to top the bastards slowly or quickly .?

  9. Gonna start writing down the mental health list, every 2 weeks thank you. Hoping it helps my anxiety and to stay more steady with my emotions.

  10. I refuse to travel tomorrow and do something similar.Exhausted by too much travel and early mornings. I felt sick today as stuff fell off. I am losing weight lately and need to sort out the baggy clothes and also get some food (sigh) I miss my hobbies and will need to find time to do them. It takes me hours to dress myself protect my skin and I struggle with doors I have a bone issue which makes me extremely narrow and tall. The weight loss lowered an already low quality of life. I do not gain weight easily and I am small regardless as my bones stopped growing when I was a little girl. This makes everyday tasks like driving, dressing myself and walking very time consuming and difficult. I take longer to get to places. I cant stand any form of travel, I need a rest badly though. I burned out. I lost weight and its made me feel out of control. Im falling everywhere and just cant do anymore. I cant get up or down stairs easily due to my balance. Today I was really upset.I need to get some food, clothes that don’t hang and to try and build some strength. I cant travel. I cleared my schedule. Legit would have flipped. I wont leave the house for very long and when I do it will be on my bike. Today sucked and I didn’t have much time for anything nice. My life would be definitely better if the door was modified in such a way I could open it. People ignore my request and then ask why it takes me longer to answer the door. Im sensitive about my weight and I am tired of it.

  11. Great video, Renee ! Just be you and be authentic, that’s what I really like about you. If you film what you like, you put all your heart and love into a topic. That what it’s all about !

  12. Renee: Stay mentally healthy everyone!! *My dad got a stroke* last year. He miraculously survived. Go to my channel to see his recovery. Legit. Thanks 🙂

  13. Defs when you talk about how things are affecting you now that happened in your past….mirroring exactly what I’m going through these past few months! So yes it would be awesome if you shared more of our conclusions in your own therapy journey:)

  14. Your videos are so Inspiring 🙂 <3 It would be so great if you could share some more breakthroughs from the therapy sessions 🙂

  15. Renee, its a wonderful thing you are doing, sharing your story ! I wish you all the best !
    To all the other beautiful youtubers out there ! Please consider subbing my channel. Like Renee, I am sharing my story in hopes of doing good in my community. I want to be part of the solution. Please consider joining me and viewing my ‘ Becoming part of the solution ‘ file.
    I know the struggle and life gets hard, I want to help ease that for people in my area. Thank you for reading this and I wish you a wonderful day / night, wherever you are out there ! Much love, blessings 🙂

  16. These are great tips. I have a Mental Health Vlog that’s a little different than most and I think you would all connect with. Check it out on my channel if you have a second.

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