manipulation under anesthesia – Smart Health

manipulation under anesthesia – Smart Health

An old therapy is new again… It’s called ‘manipulation under anesthesia,’ or MUA. The therapy is for those in chronic pain with limited range of motion, who have not found relief from other therapies. MUA originated in the 1930’s, but eventually lost favor with the medical establishment. Now it’s back, with improved techniques that are making a difference for patients. MUA places people under sedation so the body can be adjusted and manipulated, and soft tissue stretched. Often, scar tissue is broken up, range of motion increases, and pain is reduced.


  1. I’m fucked up ….from being. So tense… I would love to get popped this way… Because it seems like the only thing that would help because I cannot relax while this is happening

  2. Hi oh wow well yes you would do a lot of damage depending on how fit or strong you are because ligimints can get torn maybe not as badly as when the body is not relaxed but they can and they warn you but these people are going through horrendous nerve and muscle pain but i am afraid except for rta,s sports plays a lot of a part but if it works go ahead that man had no life neither did valerie wish them the best in this new intervention

  3. I’ve had that done a few times, for both knees. Got an op on 21st and they’re doing an MUA on my ankle as I can’t get my ankle to 90 degrees. They’re doing it at the same time as a knee operation. It really made a difference when my knee was locked straight from scar tissue. I woke up able to bend it to approximately 90 degrees. I have CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) and had 30+ operations on my knees. It really made a difference to me!

  4. Omg…if no anesthesia she would b fighting. I can only imagine…i deal with pain on a daily basis & I’m ready to do something about it but I am scared to death. I have a hiatal hernia & poss a messed up disk n my back but it could b just the hernia too.

  5. I’m a chronic patient with discs that are shot and have Chronic pain and other problems and you couldn’t pay me to have this shot done.

  6. If you do this to people with out their knowledge or permission as well as put drugs or anesthesia into their body
    Without their knowledge and permission it’s a crime. Violation of
    Personal body rights.

    Don’t ever do anything to another person you wouldn’t want done to
    You or your body or your children’s

  7. Is anybody in here afraid of going under anesthesia? I am for sure! Who knows what goes on when you are under! I think every surgery should be video taped as standard procedure. Just in case any wrong doing occurs. And the patient should automatically be given a copy! It’s only fair. Trust no one!

  8. If it works, go for it. Pain can get you to the point that you want to die just to end it. If people go to them as a last ditch effort and it helps them, I applaud it, and hope it becomes more acceptable.

  9. Say wha!!! Was used in the 40’s and 50’s but replaced…..yea. drug companies stepped in as this procedure probly works….and there is NO long term money in auctually fixing people.

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