Lesson 1: Teen Nutrition: Exploring the Five Food Groups (Vitamins, Minerals, Osteoporosis + More)

Lesson 1: Teen Nutrition: Exploring the Five Food Groups (Vitamins, Minerals, Osteoporosis + More)

Teens are at a critical age for healthy nutrition. This video is part of a nutrition lesson for middle school students from Dairy Council of California called Exercise Your Options (More information and materials at http://www.healthyeating.org/EYO). Watch as teens get up and present summaries of the major food groups, such as the protein group or the fruits group or the dairy group. In addition, other teens participate in a lively interchange on the topic of the food groups and teen nutrition. Not only does the video go over the major food groups it also touches on issues such as osteoporosis and the need for calcium as well as vitamins and minerals contained in food groups such as the vegetables group. Finally, it discusses “extra” foods as well as the issue of whether or not there are any “bad” foods. The video is useful for teaching the food groups to teens as well as examples of what good student presentations look like in a typical high school setting.

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  1. Well I’m 14 and a vegetarian. So you can get all your protein from vegetable proteins rather than animal proteins. Plus vegetables have even more essential nutrients than meat. Vegetarians and vegans live 2-7 years longer than meat eaters 🙂 plus the animal industry tortures their animals. In fact if we stopped force breeding our animals and take the grains and veggies we were gonna feed them and gave them to starving people, we can feed 800 million who suffer from hunger. :))

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