Learn English Conversation – How to Have a Conversation in English

Learn English Conversation – How to Have a Conversation in English

Do you find it difficult to have a conversation in English? Do you feel that you don’t know what to say? In this lesson, you’ll see some simple, effective tips to help you start, develop and end a conversation in English. Please share your thoughts on other conversation phrases and topics in the comments!

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1. How to Start a Conversation 1:08
2. How to Continue a Conversation 3:09
3. Balancing Your Conversation 5:44
4. Changing the Subject 8:39
5. How to Leave a Conversation 10:55

This lesson will help you:
– Understand useful phrases and vocabulary to begin a conversation in English.
– Learn how you can continue an English conversation after you begin.
– Find different ways to balance your conversation between speaking and listening.
– Learn how to change the topic of your conversation when necessary.
– Understand some phrases and techniques to leave a conversation in English.

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  1. It’s interesting but I found that over this lesson you both use Past tense for asking about Present feelings or thoughts. Is it normal? For example DID you like the film? or I THOUGHT your presentation was really interesting.

  2. Good time all people. I mast confess some time I have hard time to start conversation even in may native language. So It lesson will help my improve both English and psychology confidents

  3. Hi Stephanie, Is it English name? I have thought that it is French name because first time I heatd it in France. But I’m writing because i noticed that at time 0:40 Saying words don’t match to the subtitles. You have said You don’t know what you WANT to say.

  4. I love your channel . People can learn more important things here. I can anderstand all the conversation but I find difficult with speaking

  5. Nice video – clear with good graphics. To have a conversation about football you need some football vocabulary.

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