Jocko Podcast 76 with Charlie Plumb – 6 Years a POW at The Hanoi Hilton

Jocko Podcast 76 with Charlie Plumb – 6 Years a POW at The Hanoi Hilton

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0:00:00 – Opening.

0:03:59 – Intro to Capt. Charlie Plumb. “I’m No Hero” (book)

0:16:43 – Vietnam War and Flight Training.

0:29:15 – Deployment to Vietnam.

0:44:14 – Shot Down.

0:59:07 – The Hanoi Hilton.

2:26:35 – Release from The Hanoi Hilton.

2:30:44 – Life after Imprisonment.

2:38:40 – Reflections and Lessons Learned.

3:01:06 – Support, Cool Onnit, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book), (Jocko’s Kids’ Book) Way of the Warrior Kid, and The Muster 003.

3:12:25 – Closing Gratitude.


  1. Imagine coming home from that to find out your wife is leaving you. I don’t understand how women can be so cruel sometimes.

  2. I’ve listened to this podcast twice. Blown away… because of Jocko I push things hard and he is right.. it’s the little decisions. Thank you Jocko! I have done something big in my life since finding you. I look up to you and appreciative I found you. Mr. Plumb, to you im not sure I have enough words to convey what gratitude, humility, perseverance, and just looking at things differently because of your wise words. Thank you for hanging on, your lot in life was in comparison harder than any of us. Gives great perspective. I can only hope I could shake your hand one day and thank you for your contribution to this thing called life! Thank you both for collaborating on this cast!

  3. I have never been in the military so likewise, I have never been a POW! I will say this if our Gov. or military had put any kind of pressure on the POW not to sign any kind of a confession, that is just plain wrong! If by doing this it saved them from torcher or abuse then they should do it! I understand that a soldier has pride in their country and don’t want to disgrace them self or our country that is understandable but hey we are all human and the torcher the VC or the NVA did was horrible from what my research has shown and for a gov. or the military to put or try and force a POW to do well they had no right!

  4. So this guy started hooking up with his wife while she was in a long distance relationship with another man… I wonder what she was doing with other menwhile he was getting tourtured, lol.

    Don’t marry a hoe if you’re going to join the military.

  5. What’s worse than 6 years as a POW…



  6. Hey jocko love ya. But your jerkoff white guilt liberal atheist friend joe Rogan loves making fun of Christian. Coward

  7. i love how echo charles brings up the scooter…of all the questions to ask, he bring up the scooter…sooo funny haha

  8. The Americans always love to play the role of victims. They love critics and hate self-critics. Only others peoples always inflicted and inflict horrible things to them – but they always remain on the side of the angels. They have astonishingly a long and good memory about the crimes indicted to them. But they forget their own ones against their own Indians, Jews, Negroes and Hispanics or the Germans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans, Muslims… They remember well the incidents Lusitania, Pearl Harbour, 9.11 ….but they forget easily their own My Lai, Haditha, Abu Ghraib, Phoenix program, Christmas bombing, Dresden bombing, Hiroshima, Nagasaki … Or simply they just granted themselves their most generous pardons and believe to remain Jesus´soldiers. May their God bless America as they always sing -again and again…

  9. Every time you think your life is hard……LMAO…IT’S NOT THAT HARD compared to what many other have gone through….PERSPECTIVE.

  10. Tell this story requires the same amount of bravery that was required to survive this hellish experience in Vietnam’s prison. It’s important to people know how brutal and disgusting those maggots always was. They weren’t simple villagers trying to live their lives. They were crazy, communists psychopaths that spend their night-time burning villages, raping women and killing old men and women that they couldn’t use in their army, then who else was capable of grabbing a gun was incorporated into their forces, and they didn’t wanted to know if it was only a 15 years old kid, girl or boy. Americans weren’t saints but they definitely weren’t even close to those communists maggots.

  11. so I was thinking the other day jocko grows up in the milltray listening to Vietnam vets

    Vietnam vets grow up listening to WWII vets and WW1 vets

    who grow up listening to the boer war and civil war vets.

    who grow up listening to stories of the Napoleonic wars

    so we are like 4 war stories away from the Napoleonic era

  12. Another amazing one. My second time watching it. I have nothing but respect for these heroes. The Alcatraz 11 – Shu, Johnson, Denton, Stockdale, Rutledge, Jenkins, Mcnight, Mulligan, Tanner, Storz only one that didn’t make it back and Coker.

    Captain Plum with a great story and all the other POWs that endured torture and mistreatment while in captivity for our freedom. We shall never forget any of these great men. We shall continue remembering these brave heroes for generations to come.

  13. That PTSD statistic was so interesting! It’s so counterintuitive but once he explains its it makes sense, it’s like an extreme version of the military training itself all over again. Breaking them down into almost nothing, and then their comradery and strong leadership, mixed with being physically forced to go through it, built them stronger than ever. I get it, you know that theres no way out, and it breaks you, but then you realise that being broken or not wont change a damn thing and you still are being dragged through it. And having people around you that are going through it with you, and leading you and guiding you, you mentally get rebuilt into something stronger than you could have ever dreamed of being.

  14. This gentleman was incredibly inspiring to listen to. Completely mesmerizing because of how calm and comfortable with himself he is. I very rarely sit through several hours of a full podcast, but it was hard to walk away from Capt. Plumb.

  15. In the end, it all boils down to this quote "it’s not the hand you’re dealt, it’s how you play your cards". Man…

  16. Too pussy and weak minded to push myself to do sports as a kid. Joined an adult wrestling class and got my first ever takedown in king of the ring today. Also knocked out all my graduate papers and household errands. You’ve helped me a ton Jocko and echo. I really appreciate you guys

  17. These Veterans are rockstars in my eyes. Lets just say theyre part of the greatest generation also. We need to create a National holiday specifically for the Vietnam veteran. It wont make up for the viel behavior they endured when they came home but it would be a start

  18. Holy. Shit. Makes my commute feel not so bad. Thanks for everything you guys have done for us. Been binge watching these podcasts lately.

  19. Read about the false confessions that POW Capt.Nels Tanner give naming Lt’s Clark Kent and Ben Casey to make the Vietnamese stop torturing him.They were a very closed society and keep the people uneducated.

  20. Sad to say but mr plumb’s wife most likely cheated on him when he was in basic training and while being a pow in vietnam. Once a… Always a…

  21. Was fortunate to have Capt Plumb address us at the Naval Academy on his experiences. I still remember him on stage, the spotlight on him, pacing back and forth in black pajamas. Three paces back and forth. That was his existence for 6 years. Was very powerful intro without speaking a word for a full two minutes.

  22. This man embodies the notion of "class act" like very few people ever have. What an example he is for all of us. Thank you sir, and thank you Jocko for bringing men like CPT Plumb and their stories to us.

  23. I’m an indian by birth but good lord the only country I feel for is America,its sad ithat socialists are eating america up

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