Interviewing 1 – First Impression

Interviewing 1 – First Impression

Now that you already know how to Upgrade Your Professional Image, gain professional interviewing tips that can help prepare you for a variety of career opportunities. Watch the complete “Interviewing” series to learn more!

Interviewing 1 – First Impression
First impressions matter. Plan ahead to make a positive first impression by avoiding these common unprofessional behaviors.
Interviewing 2 – Behavioral Interview
Answering interview questions is easy with the SHARE Model ®. Can you identify professional versus unprofessional responses?

Interviewing 3 – Last Impression
Last impressions give you the final opportunity to let interviewers know YOU are the perfect match for the job. Make a positive lasting impression with these tips so they remember to select YOU for the job.

What is a Behavioral Interview?

A Behavioral Interview is a unique way to help you share your personal career story in a focused way that is captivating and memorable. Answers to behavior-based questions offer past experiences and behaviors you displayed to demonstrate how you respond to given circumstances. It’s important to use very specific versus general answers. Many employers, including Mayo Clinic, use Behavioral Interviews for many or all of their interviews.

Using the SHARE Model® allows you a quick and easy way to thoroughly answer each question so you can tell your story with ease. Consider each interview question an opportunity to share a different chapter of your career story to highlight specific times you demonstrated each skill or ability.

S Describe a specific Situation
H Identify Hindrances or Challenges
A Explain the Action that you took
R Discuss the Results or outcome
E Evaluate or summarize what you learned

Practice answering behavior-based questions using the SHARE Model ®

Example Topics Communication/interpersonal skills, high quality service, teamwork, innovation, problem-solving, conflict management.

Example Question Describe a time you delivered service to a person in a way that clearly highlighted your care and concern for the person.


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