I Watch 3 Episodes of Mind Field With Our Experts & Researchers

I Watch 3 Episodes of Mind Field With Our Experts & Researchers

EVERY EPISODE OF MIND FIELD IS NOW FREE for the rest of the year! To celebrate, I asked a group of colleagues who worked with me on the series to sit down at Vsauce HQ and watch through three entire episodes. We go behind the scenes, elaborate on topics in the episodes, and dig in to what impact working on Mind Field has had on their current research.


Samuel Veissière, PhD
Assistant Professor Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Elisabeth de Kleer

Daniel Toker
Neuroscience PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley

Judy Ho, PhD, ABPP
Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist


SEASON ONE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqKdEhx-dD4&list=PLZRRxQcaEjA4qyEuYfAMCazlL0vQDkIj2

SEASON TWO:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sl5KJ69qiA&list=PLZRRxQcaEjA7wmh3Z6EQuOK9fm1CqnJCI

SEASON THREE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktkjUjcZid0&list=PLZRRxQcaEjA7LX19uAySGlc9hmprBxfEP

2:41 – Placebos
4:50 – Emotional valence and colors
5:06 – Color and attentional bias
8:26 – Nonspecific effects
8:59 – Specific vs nonspecific effects
10:22 – Nonverbal people/animals and placebo effects
16:23 – Placebo studies
16:48 – Neuroenchantment
17:24 – Ethics of placebo studies
20:41 – Adaptive self-deception
22:28 – Transitional objects
22:59 – Accessory-assisted suggestion
27:07 – Neuroenchantment and genetic testing
39:23 – Placebo mind-reading experiment
47:15 – Placebo thought-implantation experiment
48:38 – Hypnosis
50:57 – Hypnotic susceptibility
51:52 – Placebo effect in animals
1:00:26 – Replication crisis in psychology
1:02:50 – Placebo psychedelics
1:05:15 – Tulpamancy and Tulpamancers
1:08:15 – Terror Management Theory
01:08:21 – Mortality salience
1:19:40 – Experimental ethics
1:43:10 – Cryonics
1:44:52 – Cryogenic preservation
1:55:00 – Socioeconomics of cryogenic preservation
2:12:48 – Digital immortality
2:17:09 – Learning and memory
2:17:24 – Hippocampus
2:18:13 – Video games and the brain
2:21:00 – How MRIs work
2:25:58 – Life-sized maze
2:34:16 – Blab droid
2:36:22 – Empathy towards machines
2:37:49 – Anthropomorphism
2:45:16 – Sleep and hippocampus memory retention
2:46:36 – Sleep and memory
2:49:08 – Effect of video games on memory
2:53:27 – Memory palaces


  1. Michael is so smart because of how he sits, and how he crosses his leg over his other leg. He cuts off all bloodflow to his dick, leaving more blood and nutrients to go to his brain.

  2. The trick in episode one was just a fake thumb with a hidden pen inside, you can buy them on amazon. A surprising number of tricks are done with fake thumbs.

  3. League of Legends is not exploring 3d space.

    It uses 3d graphics, but all the movement, gameplay, interactions, and representation is only 2-dimensional.

    This may be a significant flaw in this research if you wanted a video game that was 3-dimensional.

  4. Michael playing league for the experiment was kinda a bad choice

    -league being kinda the most toxic game
    -not being first person
    -the game not being about remembering your surroundings
    -too focused on whats going on in front of you (for beginners)
    -too many other factors taking away the focus on benefits for the experiment (items, abilities, team, objectives)

  5. 48:35 – The idea that tourette’s syndrome deals with bad words all the time is such a bad take. Only 10% of people with tourette’s even have that specific tick.

  6. Its currently 3 31 am i just woke up in a cold sweat from a dream where michael invaded a local street fair demanding that i buy some of his fresh homemade jam, asides from all the sexual tension he was a nice guy really cool about it.

    I hope you see this michael and i want to thank you for being so nice.

  7. "Think about how much wisdom you’d have after 600 years"…

    600th Birthday: ‘I understand now that I should have died long ago’.

  8. it’s fascinating how this looks almost exactly like religious conditioning. i especially like the bit where they’re describing how one of the kids knows it’s all a placebo and they understand the language and what’s being said, but they still have an avoidance to fully absorbing that information because they like the idea that the machine is REALLY doing something.

  9. problem is, if we all mutually agree right now that living to 120 is the norm, it doesnt mean it will happen. just thinking it doesnt make it true. nature has priority.

  10. After carefully watching these videos 20 times. I can’t help but thinking… Beards are overrated. Even I shave and I’m super lazy. There’s no difference between death and going to sleep and never waking up. Maybe the slight inconvenience of your body rotting, but that’s it. Why didn’t we get to see how the head is removed from the body? Earth is dying because people are cremated instead of buried. Do you really want to end up on someone’s fireplace ornament as ash, never being able to leave? I would like to see games and virtual reality in a few hundred years though. But other than that. I’m ready to leave. Oh "micro" transactions, so maybe not. 2:21:14 Facial movements of a scanned person. Just make cat videos for more views.

  11. I think a great author to go deep on medical science & history is mr Antonio Escohotado. It’s work on "Enemigos del Comercio" and "Historia general de las Drogas" is astonishing.

  12. I love looking at body language. At 2:23:05 you can see how engaged they both are. As soon as Michael shifts positions, Daniel immediately mimics his movements and his positioning. I’m glad they were both having a good time filming this.

  13. Ya know Michael, people in video games act very different if they have dying as a concern. If you use cheats to turn on some sort of godmode, you kinda just become carefree and seek to stimulate as much as you can until nothing is special anymore. You act without thinking, because why think? You can just do. But if you are in a survival mode of the very same game, things and actions become more valuable/of greater deliberation, not because of inherent worth or consequence necessarily, but something…perhaps the thought that it MIGHT have detrimental effects, or MIGHT help you in some way that you don’t know yet.

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