How to truly MOVE your audience | Lisa Nichols

How to truly MOVE your audience | Lisa Nichols

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Want to learn the art of storytelling? Lisa Nichols is a world-renowned public speaker and an expert on becoming a master of public speaking.

In this motivational speech, Lisa Nichols shares her own public speaking tips on how to gain self-confidence you’ve always wanted to capture an audience through storytelling.

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Lisa Nichols is the CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world. She is a best-selling author and TV personality who has appeared on CNN and The Steve Harvey Show.

In this video, “How to Be a World Class Speaker that can Truly MOVE an Audience,” Lisa Nichols, author and CEO of Motivating the Masses, gives a motivational speech for success in life.

02:30 The context of speaking
02:53 How to tell stories
07:57 Never stop moving no matter how many times you get hurt
16:29 3 things to do while telling a story
19:16 Key questions most potential speakers ask
30:40 Answering questions from audience
33:38 Story of Lisa’s swimming
48:16 Story of Lisa’s stuck in a traffic jam

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Not only is Lisa Nichols a motivational speaker, but she champions personal development by helping people become powerful communicators to achieve their goals.

In this TED Talk on storytelling with Lisa Nichols, she gives valuable advice on how to turn your life around and focus on self improvement.

If you’re looking for real-life examples on personal development, Lisa Nichols explains how to build self-confidence and conquer your fear of public speaking.


  1. He picked up the truck and dropped it and it went vroom..!! She is definitely a marvellous speaker.. Animated and tenacious..

  2. Lisa will never stop to thrill and blow my mind always.

    you have changed my storytelling techniques finally and I’m staying glued in that dimension. Thank you so much.

  3. This really made me cry……. This just opened me up to the things that I know that I need to do

  4. Does this crowd seem super dead to yall or is it because the sound was condensed……or is it just me? She was incredible!!!! I was crackin up, cheering, laughing beyond control, crying and interacting the entire time.

  5. OMG this was mind blowing. i just learnt about the different types of speakers. This message has moved me and one thing i will always sing to myself is "Quitters never Win, Winners never Quit".
    Thank You Lisa

  6. Hi I need you help I Am a 51yr old lost woman that as finally found myself I don’t want to die before I live I’m was on a journey to find help its such a long story. I look forward to hearing from you

  7. She has inspired me so much, and helped me to better understand what I’ve been through it was to speak and help others. Thanks Lisa.

  8. Hey Lisa, you have really putting me on y toes. I now know who I am.How can I ever thank you. God bless you. LOVE YOU SSSOOOOOO MUCH

  9. I was wondering how people were able to give thumbs down to such a great story. Nonsense! Thanks, God, for Lisa’s life! Love her

  10. Believing in God, who is the criator of everything, I manifested some things:
    1. In 1988 I Said to a friend who just had gone to England, – I Will visit you. In 2000 I was in Bath with her
    2. I determined to have an Italian passaport in 2000 when I went to England. In 2007 I’ve got my citizenship. Aleluias
    3. I told a friend – I want to buy your car. She Said No. Some time later she got divorced and she sold ver car to ME. Praise the Lord
    4. I Love Veneza and I wanted to visit there but I was living there (amazing) when I went to italy to do my citizenship, the person who helped me said – you are going to Veneza. When the plane landed I was crying , so Real.
    Well after all things, I was still single so I visualized me getting married. This was in 2007 september. I met a lovely man in Oct 2007 and In 2008 January I got married in Richmond Upon Thames OMG with a afternoon tea after the cerimony.
    5. One day I Said … Lord, I want to live in the Nederland and guess what? I was ciclying around Giessenburg and even more swimming in a Wonderful tiver, fresh and clean. I love water.
    …. well, after all these I very much believe that in Sept 2019 my money Will come to help my friends, children in Moz, casa refúgio in Brazil, some missions and family too. I wanna buy a house in Orlando, Giessenburg and build one in Penafiel. Also buy a flat in England. So My God is Great and I want to praise his name.
    I have already a list of people to help. I live in minimalism. I Just wanna be very happy to help my friends in Brazil. PTL
    I even wrote a book of what God has done so I BELIEVE. Bless you.

  11. She a great story teller, no doubt but message wasn’t clear. I didn’t get the answer I was hoping to get based on the caption that got me watching. I watched to the end hoping she would get here somehow, but it didn’t happen. She didn’t even get to answer any of those questions!!!. But one thing for sure.. I learnt something from the way you tell stories.

    I’m just watching for the first, nd even knowing this is a 6year old Video….I just have to leave a comment

  12. I found the whole talk to be nebulous, indefinite, as a speaker. Audience looked lost. So was I. It swung from one concept to another, without giving definite points on speaking well. It was a rambling tumbling hour. Sorry, this was NOT that inspirational for me!

  13. i don’t mean to be superficial. But she looks SO fine to me!!! I LOVE a BBW. I know she’s lost weight now. But MAN…I LOVE ME A BBW!!!

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