How to Study for Nursing Fundamentals (Foundations) in Nursing School

How to Study for Nursing Fundamentals (Foundations) in Nursing School

How to pass Nursing Fundamentals (Foundations) class in nursing school: This video gives you strategies on how to study for exams in fundamentals and how to concentrate on certain areas to make sure you are properly preparing for your lecture exams. In addition, I talk about what study guide textbooks you need for Nursing Foundations (Maryann Hogan Pearson Reviews & Rationales for Nursing Fundamentals) to help you study. Don’t forget to check out my other videos on how to study for classes in nursing school:

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  1. Great video. I start my first semester of nursing school this fall. I will use your strategies for studying… Any great tips on how to keep up with reading all those chapters each week?

  2. My first foundations exam is tomorrow…thank you for posting this video it was a good confirmation of what I’ve been doing for studying habits.

  3. thank you SO much for making this video. my school is so stupid… they call their classes nursing 1, nursing 2, nursing 3, etc. and i have NO idea wth each of those classes are. i always thought med surg would be first but now i see that fundamentals/foundations is first. i start in the fall semester but i am trying to prepare myself for this journey…. so far NO ONE has been able to tell me how to prepare or what to do nor what to expect. i was so lost and confused. all i know is that one of the nursing classes im taking has lecture, skills lab, and clinical portion of it and it’s my first semester so this fits the description very well. thank you again

  4. I’m in my second week of foundations LPN program. Our first test is Monday. I’m freaking out!!! Thanks for your videos!!

  5. Nearly done with my first semester of BNS and been passing everything. Just need to learn how to study for multiple choice classes.

  6. I just failed my first fundamentals exam and I am just exhausted! I read again and again. I practiced with sucess series, prep u, Saunders. I just don’t know what to do right now. The girl that sits next to me had a 100, I asked her what she did she said she read the power point.. I can’t just believe this is going to be the end of the road for me..

  7. Hey sarah I’m taking fundamental and health assessments so is the Saunders rationale books are 2 because one is for fundamentals and another one is or physical health assessments

  8. Hey Everyone! Many people are asking me where to buy the Mary Ann Hogan book. Here it is on Amazon: (NOTE: this is an affiliate link, so if you click the link and purchase it I earn a small commission, which helps fund all the free content on YouTube and the website). Thank you for watching!
    More Videos:

  9. Your videos are amazing I looked at some of them for my A&P 2 class I have a question I know you mentioned a book to help with nursing foundations by Mary Ann Hogan but I had purchased a fundamental of nursing book is that pretty much the same thing is that okay to look at and use

  10. Hi Sarah! I watched your video and I’m looking for that review book for Nursing Fundamentals. Would it be the 4th edition?

  11. Also, it may not be the comprehension or the amount of material. It could be those NCLEX style priority questions. I notice on most of my exams, there were questions my professor didn’t talk about in lecture or didn’t talk about in the book that it’s like you have to really really read the question carefully and pull out what you know. So these questions are not necessarily priority questions but you have to draw out and solve the problem base on what you know. I guess that make sense since nurses do that in real life as well. So the questions are a lot of what Sara said scenario based on you really have to know how to answer nclex questions and how to basically think like a nurse and like draw out and. Circle key words on the questions and apply concepts from patho and foundations into the exams in foundations

  12. thank you for the Tips, i start my second semester in 2 weeks…….Although i passed my foundations class (barely) made it i would still like help, So thank you for the useful tips!!!!

  13. I’m a Nursing student, first year. I just started my very first semester. And thank you for that one quote you said, "Comprehend the material, don’t memorize it.". THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  14. OMG this is the truth my test is next Wednesday and I’m trying to learn how to apply it to scenarios lol it’s so triply.Thank you for these tips!!!!!!

  15. Thank you so much! I’m in a LPN course & im struggling with fundamentals for the same reason you stated “A lot of Material” I’m hoping to Tackle this course using these strategies. Thanks again!

  16. I’m taking 1 fundamentals of nursing class while I’m in dual enrollment , if I pass the CNA test I can become a CNA just by taking that class

  17. I have just got my AA in pre-nursing and while waiting to be accepted to the nursing program, I am taking the CNA and PCT classes. Hopefully these programs will help me go through this class.

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