How to Study for Maternity Nursing in School | Maternity Nursing Review

How to Study for Maternity Nursing in School | Maternity Nursing Review

Maternity Nursing in School (maternity nursing review): How to study and prepare for OB nursing in nursing school. In this video, I talk about what study guide you need for maternity nursing, how to prepare for OB lecture exams, and what areas to focus on when studying.

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  1. Thank you so much again for these videos. I’m doing my maternity rotation but, at my school, maternity is only half the semester (6 weeks) then we rotate to peds. It’s a lot of information in such a short time so your videos are a godsend. Thank you again

  2. Thank you so much for your videos on OB. I cant wait till 4th semester so I can learn cardio, respiratory, urinary and endo with your helpful videos. I bought my Saunders 7th edition Saunders NCLEX book. Thanks. It has been helpful with studies with your videos

  3. How would you advice a young male nursing student to go about in this section (in terms of clinical). I’ve been told before that my looks (young, handsome, athletic, baby face and being a male) tend to make the female patient feel embarrassed or uneasy. And in previous times, even though i always ask for permission to assist, i always find the patient to be awkwardly even if they say "yeah", or sometimes they won’t tell me, but will inform a coworker. Then i always feel bad. In other words, what can I as a male nursing student do to avoid these situations. Tips and tricks would be appreciated,

  4. It would help if my maternity nursing instructor would of assigned our class a text book so I have no idea what I am preparing for. Thank you for your videos.

  5. I am about to take a final in this subject and you hit all key factors what my teachers showed me in 5 months with your 12 minute video. You the best!

  6. Love your videos, u just know how to cover everything that’s important without the fluff. Thank you and please continue!

  7. I can’t say enough how much I hated maternity class, I don’t know why, but I just hated it, I am studying now for the NCLEX, reading don’t help so, I’m here! Thank you so much for your videos.

  8. Sarah, you are a nursing students best friend! I don’t know if you are a professor or educator but you teach better than half of the professors I know! Thank you for your dedication to the field!

  9. Sarah, You are such a big help for nursing students and a great inspiration to all. Thank you so much for the time and effort you give to upcoming RN’s.

  10. Struggling with the reading assignments…I have ADD, the material isn;t hard its just hard to sit there and read, I’m not sticking to my reading assignment 🙁

  11. I wish my school would break the courses down so that we take an entire course on something like Maternity Nursing. Our school has Maternity, Pediatric and Medsurg all mashed together into one clinical course of 15 weeks. It feels so rushed and mishmash together. I am thankful for your videos, they are life saver for any nursing student.

  12. Thanks Sarah! I’m in my last year of school for my BSN and in OB & Pediatrics. Glad to have your videos to help. I share them with my class here at Rutgers and we love em! BTW: OMG those "weird names"! I will never forget COUVADE syndrome… lol. It’s true, those are always great to learn. 🙂

  13. I wish i had this over 1 semester! I’m LPN to RN fast track, we got it over 1 week … So glad I have your videos to review <3

  14. Thank you very much for your videos….they are extremely helpful…been able to understand things and pass exams..lots of love

  15. thank you  for breaking it down and essentially providing a "study guide". I have the Saunders book and it is amazing!!!  It’s very easy to read and understand.  Your vids helped me through math, and I know they will take me all the way through to my NCLEX.  Thanks a bunch!!! OB starts tomorrow.  Keep up the excellent work…

  16. Thank you Sarah for all videos and lectures , you have helped me so much to get to where I am. God bless you and happy 2018.

  17. I just love you! Great channel! Could you do a video on labor and delivery math calculations? I want to work in ANY part of OB.

  18. Dear Sarah,
    I am so grateful for all your videos! I can honestly say that I passed Med Surg 1 because of you! You are a great teacher! I will have Maternity, Peds and Med Surg next semester; I already started watching your maternity review and I am learning a lot! I just want to say thank you and may The Lord Bless you!

  19. Great video Sarah!! the material was very organized and very clear. It should make for easy understanding for the nursing student. I have completed my HESI A2 and did great!!! Application process is this month…smile..So I will be sure to utilize all of your Fundamental, Pharm, etc; videos..your material and suggestions are very enlightening and well thought out. Therefore, I see excelleration in my future!!! Thanks…

  20. Thank you for your videos.
    I would like to give back with a tip that you may or may not already know. You should consider partnering with Amazon and add links to books you recommend in your videos. like Saunders.
    I bought Saunders after watching your video and would like to have bought it from your link to give you credit.

  21. thank you for everything, I pass my exam and your video helped me a lot, i am passing on to friends and family too, I am still going to watch your video to help me in my job, God bless you.

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