How to ROCK ATI Proctored Exams!

How to ROCK ATI Proctored Exams!

My ATI Proctored scores:
Nutrition: 53.3% (level 1)
Fundamentals: 78.3% (level 3)
Maternal Newborn: 85% (level 3)
Nursing Care of Children: 78.3% (level 3)
Mental Health: 90% (level 3)
Pharmacology: 88.3% (level 3)
Leadership: 83.3% (level 2)
Medical-Surgical: 88.9% (level 3)
Comprehensive Predictor: 83.3% (99% probability of passing NCLEX on 1st attempt)

ATI’s website:
ATI’s RN Mentor app:…
ATI Proctored scoring levels (not 100% accurate):…


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  1. Hi everyone I also want to ask help or suggestions and favor I try to study hard but find out hard to do study guide can any one share their topic to review for maternity proctor test and the leadership pls

  2. I have an ATI-TEAS exam on July 10, 2017….I will only study for the Math and Science section because I am pretty good with English and Reading…I have been studying like crazy

  3. Thank you for talking about this and mentioning the app because I had no idea. I’m so excited to use it. ATI is crucial in passing NCLEX and our program, but it really is a good thing to actually learn the material.

  4. Thank you, I am first semester student with your advise got a 83.3 level 2 on fundamentals and a 90 level 3 on pharmacology, you really helped with my testing anxiety

  5. THIS VIDEO WAS AMAZING! I have always struggled with ATI proctored exams because of how our program is (accelerated 10 weeks per term BSN program) HAVING 0 TIME to read those dang books! Just want to say thank you so much because I passed my Med surg Proctored exam with flying colors after watching this! #udabomb #beatATI

  6. Did you use any other resourses for questions like Uworld ? I am looking for more question in saunders, hesi, and all other book questions is to easy

  7. thank you I didn’t know the app existed! and this is my final semester!! OMG thank you from Hawaii. Hated ATi because I never know what to expect at ALL

  8. Hey! I have a quick question… I am going to take my ati exit exam this term. Any tips on how you studied? I am so nervous and scared… I noticed you have scored very good levels on all your tests. Was the exit exam hard? Was it like the ati tests where we take for each class? was it straightforward?

  9. Should my program be giving me access to ATI now in the beginning? And if not how can I purchase access for myself? Thanks!! so much

  10. Taking my Pharm ATI this thursday! feel like i seriously am not retaining anything anymore graduation is July 8th and have to make it !

  11. Hello Rachel , thank you for this video!!
    I have my ATI exit exam in three days and our school had HESI before so we are used to that program , I want to buy practice questions from ATI to prepare myself in these three days since we just found out they bought ATI should I buy the COMPREHENSIVE A&B or the 3300 question please please help me with this thank you!!!!!

  12. How the heck did you get 88%?!?!?! These tests are so hard! I took my first ATI Comp exam and got 59%! I really want to get an 88%!

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