HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Setting Habits & Wellness Goals

HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Setting Habits & Wellness Goals

Get Your Life Together For Good
7 Steps To Start Living Your Best Life Yet Covering All Dimensions Of Wellness

Daily Mantras:
Intellectual Devotional:

1. Check in mentally
2. Give up bad habits to create way for the new
3. Set a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps a day
4. Fuel your body with movement and whole plant based foods
5. Learn something new every day to exercise the brain
6. Nightly cleanup mentally and physically
7. Keep the 8 Dimensions of Wellness in check
– Emotional
– Spiritual
– Intellectual
– Physical
– Environmental
– Financial
– Occupational
– Social

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  1. OMG…Nice one dear….That was amazing…..U r talking too much…I think ur brain is working too fast rather than you speak……♥

  2. if you have trouble with sugar id recommend punishing yourself like doing 20 burpees for every sweet you have or something to associate sugar with punishment

  3. Omg i am so happy i came across your video. Are uou interested in mentoring and offering lifestyle coacing z. please reach out to me if you are able to provide this type of personalized service. Thank you !! Nicole Pelosi { 973-464-3569 🙂 I would love to hear from uou <3

  4. Hey Renee,

    I love what you do and thought I’d send you a message to share some love and say keep doing what you’re doing! You’re so inspirational and definitely helped me with a lot of things!


  5. Hi , i am borderline diabetic , but i found this this very interesting article , could anyone tell me if this is legit……. thanks


  6. thank you for this video! it really helped me out!! i will definitely be using these tips in my daily lifestyle!! <3

  7. I really love the journal or calendar you got there!!!! Is that your own creation or can we get something similar

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