How to Calculate CBD Dosage

How to Calculate CBD Dosage


In this video I’ll help you to understand how to calculate CBD Dosage.

So if you buy your CBD oil from me or from someone else you will easily know how much to take.

I’ll show you some examples of dosage instructions from reputable suppliers and I’ll also give you an example of how to calculate dosage with a Holland and Barrett CBD Oil.

There will also be a brief explanation about how much CBD you should take.

Hope you enjoy watching
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  1. I’ve suffered from very very extreme anxiety and pretty depression for many years, been on lots of antidepressants to no avail, also tried smoking cannabis and while it’s fun at the time it makes me much worse afterwards .. picked up the capsules from h&b today really hoping they can make the difference a lot of people claim they can, thanks for the video.

  2. Hi, I have an 18 yr old boy that was diagnosed with high functioning autism. Can you please help me with what kind of cbd to buy and dosage?

  3. I slowly increased… Then reduced according to how much I dreamed at night.. When they (Dreams) became scary I reduced. Also energy levels and motivation are telling.

  4. I bought mine in Ontario Canada from a government Marijuana shop. It was $80 for the 25ml
    all it says is THC .5mg/mi CBD 9.62mg/mi
    It’s the Eddison brand. Very frustrating. Still don’t know what to take.

  5. Thanks for your help. Are some cbd oils better than others for say pain or anxiety or is oil, oil at the end of the day?

  6. My back story:

    I was hit by a car when I was 11 years old and somehow survived what’s medically known as a trauma-induced full right hindquarter amputation. This means my coccyx, right butt cheek, right hip, and entire right leg were all torn off on-site, so no amputation surgery needed. You can imagine the physical damage I’ve lived with for 27 years in the form of a permanently broken pelvis, my lower spine is mangled, and a chunk of cartilage solidified into what can only be described as a bone-like mass. I have a vacuum in my remaining hip joint which is where my body weight pushes my hip fully out of joint while I sit in my wheelchair, and then when I move or go to transfer to bed or lavatory, the vacuum sucks my hip back into joint.

    My pain medication is five times stronger than Morphine and I’m supposed to take it every 12 hours. I’ve lately struggled to make it to the 8-hour mark, and so I’ve been taking too many as in a dose every 8 hours instead of 12. This is having a chain reaction effect by increasing my tolerance for my medication and this is what made me turn to CBD oil to see if it can help me any.

    Because I’ve spent the last 27 years on every type of drug imaginable, I went directly for the strongest one I could find and I bought it off of eBay. Not the brightest way to go about things, but I don’t much care to be honest. I spoke to a seller, told him everything, and he made me an offer. He got me a liquid crack version of CBD in exchange for long term custom.

    My CBD oil is 3,000mgs in 750 drops in a 50ml bottle, so 4mgs per drop. I take a full 8 drops with my pain medication on a morning, another 10 drops at my 8-hour mark, and 4 drops with my 12-hour second pain medication dose.

    I’ve had more mobility, don’t suffer that sharp agony of a relocating hip joint, and I can actually sleep with the knowledge my Osteoarthritic spine and hip won’t seize up over the course of the measly 5 hours worth of sleep I get. My supplier promised to make me some uber strong stuff 3,000mgs in 500 drops so I don’t have to take quite so much nor so often and I’m very grateful for that.

    Happy Days!

  7. CBD oil is not good for you, after 2 of my friends had taken it 4 about 3 months they decided to stop, they did and they started having migraines & seizures, they went to the Dr. & she (Dr.) told them to never take it again, their test came back & it has done PERMANENT DAMAGES TO THEIR INSIDES.

  8. Hey, was looking on your website and was interested in the CBD Boxes which would mean a 20% discount on all future purchases, but there didn’t seem to actually be any “boxes” for sale?

  9. Its bs cbd i know lots of people that got nothing out of cbd only mix in good ol thc get some good out of it looks like to me these kind of people want to do away with cannabis the evil weed

  10. Thank you for the explanation on dosage. I just started taking CBD and was a bit unclear…CBD Woman is intelligent, easy to look at and love the accent.

  11. great advice.. a question. I am desperate for help. I a dealing with shingles pain, the rash is all but gone, but as you may know the pain is excruciating. I have sen the info on CBD for quick pain management for shingles. However it is the zero THC, Cold Extracton CBD Oil which is most often touted as the best way to go. But how much would be a good start? the pain is a 13 on a scale of ten. that how bad it is.. As I said I am desperate. Meds do nothing for the pain, time to try something else. can you advise?

  12. As a leading 40 year expert!!! body wt has nothing to do with it!!!! the experts need to know the age decease and timeline genetically so if you dont have the doctor in Canadas DNA BioMAtching test your just guessing and wasting money its expensive 2000usd DNA test but it matches exactly the strains and types of cbd or thc or cbn cbc etc you need!!! he is in Toronto he goes by DrMike and he serves 45000 cancer patients he is also in 1994 who invented micro dosing protocols

  13. Have bad anxiety as well as sleep problems wondering if you can help me out? I have charlottes web 60 mg I took it around 6pm and I found myself super drowsy fell asleep at 11 till 2:45 after that I couldn’t fall back asleep felt very restless any idea on dosage or tips was sleeping good before it so know I’m confused thanks

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