How to Be A Lifelong Learner | Never Stop Learning

How to Be A Lifelong Learner | Never Stop Learning

Many successful people attribute their success to being lifelong learners. Here’s to never stoping to learn and becoming students of life, for life. Thanks Skillshare for partnering with me on this video! First 500 people get 2 months for $0.99 🤓✨


➊ [0:27] Be open
⇨ Book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

➋ [1:03] Embrace the beginner’s mind
⇨ Book: Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
⇨ Article: “Self-perceptions of expertise increase close minded cognition” source

➌ [1:36] Ask questions
⇨ Podcast: Tim Ferriss with Tony Robbins

➍ [2:29] Be proactive in seeking answers
⇨ Video: My favorite podcasts (Youtube)
⇨ Website: Mark Manson
⇨ Website: Brainpickings

Favorite Medium articles:
⇨ The Risk Not Taken
⇨ The Crossroads of Should and Must
⇨ How Radioactive Poison Became the Assassin’s Weapon of Choice

➎ [3:42] Listen to listen; learn to learn
⇨ Article: 5 levels of listening

➏ [4:22] Take action
⇨ Video: Jim Rohn on what happens to the talents you don’t use (Facebook)
⇨ Video: Steve Job’s Stanford commencement speech 2005 (Youtube)


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⇨ Edit: Final Cut Pro X


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