How CBD Oil Impacts the Body

How CBD Oil Impacts the Body

Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how the medical community is using CBD oil, even though it’s still considered illegal at the federal level. Find out how CBD impacts the body and if it can be beneficial.

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  1. ‘It’s the latest health trend’ haha, he should have said oldest and most suppressed health trend that we were robbed of by a tyrannical leaders

  2. You can get weed in high CBD and less THC you should try it it’s very relaxing and you feel no pain. Indica/sativa The weed is named Herley Quinn

  3. Been trying a CBD cream for my muscles lately and from my experience, it seems to legitimately work. My main curiosity/question is: how does CBD affect our muscle/skin/joints to provide the pain relief results it delivers? I’m surprised at the noticeable difference in recovery it makes on sore muscles as opposed to when I don’t use it (I’ve tested it several times on myself)

  4. Drug companies are soiling their knickers as word spreads about this CBD oil. It is amazing. Stunning results for arthritis trouble.

  5. I could not stand straight for almost a week inwent and bought some CBD andddd BOOM a few hours later inwas cleaning my house!!! I have chronic pain and it helps me so much!!!!

  6. ***If you’re going to put CBD in a product, it should be noted somewhere on the product’s packaging. On that notation, it should state the percentage of the Cannabinol in the product….
    That’s really the only way the consumer will know what they are getting… unless they are the manufacturer of said products.****

  7. Dr. Oz is right, "It’s the Wild, Wild West" when it come to CBD because there are "No" Government regulations on quality, CBD content, nor even sanitation. Therefore, the snake-oil operators are selling products with little to no CBD in them or worse yet, products with dangerous substances like heavy-metals & pesticides. Even the reputable brands are now being counterfeited, just like the Rx Prescriptions that people are buying on the internet. All that being said, if you can find The Right Stuff, I can tell you from personal experience that CBD is in fact "Amazing!" Now I know why the Pharmaceutical Industry (that couldn’t get a patent on this plant) has keep it illegal since 1937.

  8. CBD Is snake oil. You all are being "Healed" By your own minds not the Oil if healed at all. The fact that you all think this oil is healing you knowing that all the products contain greatly varying amounts of the stuff… Speaks volumes to me when the Clinical Trials that all these wild wide eyed claims are based on show that everyone involved in order to get positive effects had to have several hundred mg doses yet you all act like its a magical cure at 20mg Doses.

    You can all fall for the wooden cart of Mary Janes Magnificent Snake Oil. I’ll pass thanks. You all are healing yourselves through your minds own hardcore belief its a miracle drug and will cure anything…

    But the truth is there isn’t enough in any of these products to cure anything. You’re being swindling by these companies that are cashing in and setting up shops counting on your own ignorance to the Placebo affect. Glad you are being healed if you are… but dont think 20 milligrams a day of this stuff did it. Look for yourselves at the clinical studies and stop believing your neighbors and friends and family all riding the hype train. This is why you see many studies showing a 50/50 response about half the people stop taking it because they realize it doesn’t work and that maybe they have fallen for the bait.

    Within the next few years you’ll see all these shops disappear and the real studies will come out. Then you’ll all feel bamboozled. The only real stuff is the high dosage stuff not sold on every street corner. Charlotte’s Web is real, CBD is real but all these products are fake and will never contain enough to heal you.

    Why is it that its being refuted and illegal in 3 states but force fed to us by the media that its good for you and yet… The government still has it as illegal on a Federal level? Does not any of that make you all stop and look at the man behind the curtain? Something isn’t right here. I dont trust anything the media feeds. I damn sure dont trust some miracle oil that pops up approved by the FDA within 5 months. The saying is if something sounds too good to be true… It probably is. There is NO FKN WAY BIG PHARMA WOULD ALLOW AN OIL TO STEAL ALL OF ITS SALES… Think about that… They are way too placid about the sale of this stuff for me to believe any of it.

    Matter of fact and lets just be theoretical but what if its a population control gimmic and the true findings are that it actually enhances other illness likelihood once taken. I mean lets think about this… What if BIG PHARMA already knows this and they are letting us all buy up these hotcakes so that we all get sick 10 years from now and have to buy all sorts of drugs to cure it even more.
    I mean if this stuff naturally occurs in our bodies… Over hundreds of thousands of years if our bodies knew it cured all these than why wouldn’t our bodies have naturally started producing more of it to keep us alive longer? Maybe because our bodies know its actually dangerous. What if the reason it didn’t produce more of it is because once it did our bodies become less reactive to medicines and healing? Just some what if theories to make you guys think. I believe you all have been duped.

  9. I am in my 60s. I workout and play squash four days a week. I became interested in CBD after reading an article about a local physical therapy clinic that sells the oil. The reporter interviewed the owner of the clinic. He holds a doctorate in physical therapy from Temple University and was very knowledgeable as to the benfits of CBD. I went to the clinic and met with the doctor. I explained some of the occasional aches and pains experienced from my weekly exercise regimen. The doctor suggested trying CBD and I have not looked back. The stiffness and soreness I felt in my knees after working out have been significantly decreased or eliminated. Admittedly, I was skeptical, but no longer. CBD has really worked for me.

  10. I tried CBD Oil n let me say it did not help me at all let me repeat it did not help at all. I have depression n anxiety n pain in my neck n currently pregnant. I felt like cbd oil would make me anxious n gave me more anxiety. What works 4 alot of people may not work for others. What a dissappointment!

  11. You have to make sure that the products you are buying are made in the USA and third-party lab tested. If you can’t scan a QR code or find it on their website, it’s sketchy. You can’t buy CBD on Amazon, those are products posing as CBD when it’s actually hemp seed oil, or something like that.
    With CBD always ask questions.

  12. Wow I was meant to come across this I was trying to decide wether to take the CBD to relieve osteoarthritis, and depression and reading the comments on here I’m really thinking this is worth looking at I’m tired of opioids.

  13. Before you will be jailed for weed. Now, in Canada, the government is the biggest and the only legal dealer in Canada.

  14. Maybe riot police scientists can create a CBD bomb to disperse large crowds, watch them all go to the nearest McDonalds giggling 😀

  15. the truth is… big pharma wants to keep us sick.. sick ppl. means more money for them because you need another prescription for the new side effect you have from the last prescription you took.

  16. TWO BIG THINGS! full spectrum oils are what you should be taking NOT CBD only extractions… AND CBD actually blocks the the miniscule THC effects from those strains so a piss test is the most "dangerous" part of it

  17. It’s cuz the government gets paid by big Pharma and so if you take away the power bug pharma has and everyone starts using cbd they don’t have a control AK Monopoly over it anybody can make it any body can use it and it does so many things not one person can own it it helps with anxiety seizures pain cancer all these things are owned by a large company who makes pills out of them well this one medication this natural herb does all of it kinda crazy cuz even George Washington used to grow hemp and they shut him down cuz you can make rope paper and all type of other things out of it and he would have owned the market little did he know the founding fathers had the key to the future all along growing on his farm and years and years the government has tried to stop this planet from being used and this was the start of it it goes back that far but times have changed the people want a natural remedy and this is the Miracle plant weather they like it or not this is the future we need higher dosages and we can treat alot more people for alot more problem

  18. I recently had a stroke closed cell ascemic on my right side effecting my left side strength as well as short and long term memory and balance.i suffer from anxiety and fear that I may have a another one I am taking medication to prevent another one along with proper diet.i tried cbd product yesterday and it reduced my fear and anxiety.

  19. If you suffer from anxiety or any type of pain problems cbd helps treat it. I got mines last month from it was a good price plus it helps with my pain.

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