Health Assessment Nursing NCLEX Practice Question on Abdomen and Lymph Nodes

Health Assessment Nursing NCLEX Practice Question on Abdomen and Lymph Nodes

Health assessment nursing NCLEX practice question. These two NCLEX practice questions will test your nursing knowledge on how to properly assess the abdomen during a head-to-assessment, and how to identify the names and locations of the lymph nodes in the neck.

Health assessment in nursing school will require you to demonstrate how to properly perform the head-to-toe assessment and assess the lymph nodes in the neck. Question 1 in this review requires you to know what sequence in how you will assess the abdomen, and question 2 requires you to know the names and locations of the lymph nodes of the neck.

Question 1:

You’re performing a head-to-toe assessment on a patient admitted with abdominal pain. During inspection of the abdomen, you note the abdominal contour to be round and distended with no masses or lesions present. The patient reports that their last bowel movement was one hour ago, and the stool was loose. In addition, the patient states that the abdominal pain is located below the umbilicus and is sharp in quality. After inspection of the abdomen, you will:

A. Perform light palpation on the abdomen, followed by deep palpation.
B. Percuss the abdomen.
C. Auscultate for bowel sounds by starting in the right lower quadrant.
D. Palpate for bruits and rebound tenderness.

Watch the video for the answer.

Question 2:
You’re performing a head-to-toe assessment on a patient. While palpating the lymph nodes of the neck, the patient reports tenderness at the following location.

**See image in video to answer

When you document the findings of the head-to-toe assessment, you will note that the patient felt tenderness at which lymph node site?

A. Preauricular
B. Submandibular
C. Superficial cervical
D. Jugulodigastric

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