Health and Wellness Among Older Adults

Health and Wellness Among Older Adults

Stanford University Geriatric Medicine Professor Peter Pompei, focuses on the prevention of serious health situations, and how to cultivate knowledge of one’s functional strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Pompei also discusses how to predict need of services, as well as how to optimize doctor visits, self management of chronic conditions, and the determinants of an easy old age.


  1. Embrace old age=Embrace death.

    There could be not such thing as successful aging. It’s like "Successful heart attack", "Successful dementia", "Successful cancer" and "Successful death".

    Successful aging = fallacy.

    Yes. aging is a disease, and it will be cured by SENS-alike therapy in the future, and can be prevented by resveratrol and caloric restriction now.
    Modern geriatrics and gerontology unable to help people, these two function only on death trainer basis.

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