Healing MTHFR and Histamine Issues – A Quirky Journey Podcast #97

Healing MTHFR and Histamine Issues – A Quirky Journey Podcast #97


Welcome to episode #97 of the A Quirky Journey podcast!


Elyse: I’m Elyse Comerford, a Mum, Exercise Scientist, GAPS practitioner and Health Coach. My approach focuses on healing the gut to bring about profound health changes, and the fact is, it works!

My practice focuses on assisting my clients to heal their digestive system and overcome various issues, just as I have done. As a teenager I suffered with acne, persistent thrush, cysts and abscesses in my breasts and ovaries, constant bloating, anaemia, depression, sugar addiction, constipation, diarrhoea, and food intolerances that were getting progressively worse. I had begun thinking these issues were normal, and something I would have to live with. It was a very empowering moment when I learnt the connection the gut has with all of these issues, and how I could transform my health by first transforming my gut and micro biome (our army of bacteria that we cannot survive a second without!). I was 27 and pregnant with my first child when I began researching everything I could so that he would be as healthy and happy as possible, this is when I discovered the microbiome. I knew the gut bacteria was important, but I had never realised how important!

Science has found that an imbalance of gut bacteria is a contributing factor in obesity; that bacteria plays an important role in normal healthy brain function and the prevention of anxiety and depression; and bacteria is an essential part of our immune system, and our body will struggle to deal with viruses, infections, pathogens and toxins if it is out of balance. Armed with all this new information a passion was ignited within me to heal my health, and this soon branched out to helping everyone that I care about. I was already completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science with Charles Darwin University at the time, and with any spare moment I had I was pouring myself over scientific research to do with the gut. I went on to complete a certification in Holistic Health Coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, followed by my GAPS Practitioner Certification with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.


There are many variables when working through gut health issues, and one that seems to throw a lot of people into a spin is the MTHFR gene mutation. It suddenly seems to be very common… is that because there are more genetic mutations these days, or just because more people are getting gene testing done and finding out about it? What about all the people in past generations that had it – why didn’t they suffer such adverse affects as people do nowadays? How is it linked to histamine reactions? And if it’s genetic, can anything actually be done about it? Or are you stuck with the MTHFR and histamine problems for life?

Elyse Comerford, health scientist and GAPS practitioner, joins us in this episode to talk us through the above questions, and many more, in a scientific but easy to understand way. If you are struggling to cope with detoxing and gut healing, and MTHFR and histamines are doing your head in, you need to listen to this podcast!


“MTHFR stands for methylene tetra-hydrofolate reductase gene, and is responsible for producing the MTHFR enzyme. With enzymes, they need to be the right shape. It’s like a key fitting a lock. The enzyme needs to be exactly the right shape to work properly. So if you’ve got a mutation in your MTHFR gene, then you are going to produce an MTHFR enzyme, and that enzyme is not going to function properly. So that enzyme metabolises folate into the active form, 5-MTHF. In order to use folate in our bodies, we can get folate through through supplements and through our food. So in order to convert that into something our body can actually use, we need that MTHFR enzyme to be working optimally. The 5-MTHF then combines with homocysteine, so it can broken down and be used.”

“MTHF, methyl-folate, is part of a cycle, our methylation cycle. So if we don’t have the right component going into the cycle, it’s going to affect every part of that cycle. so we don’t then have something being donated to the next part of the cycle, which then needs to donate to the next part of the cycle. So it’s upsetting the whole cycle, and the end result of that cycle is glutathione which is a very important antioxidant in our body.”

“Methylation can turn our DNA on and off. We need it for cell repair, cell production, for regulating gene expression, for sulfur metabolism.”

“Methylation plays a role in our immune function.”

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