Government-sanctioned medical torture, pain treatment, the health care industry, and bodily autonomy

Government-sanctioned medical torture, pain treatment, the health care industry, and bodily autonomy

Recorded by the Libertarian Party on 6-23-19.

Press release referenced in video:

Dr. Kyle Varner is a practicing hospitalist and expert in health care policy. In his upcoming book, White Coat Cartels, Dr. Varner uncovers the dark side of the US healthcare market. Dr. Varner passionately stands for freeing the market and advocates cash-based services and medical tourism as the prevailing alternatives to the compromised healthcare system we are faced with today. He is a highly sought-after writer and speaker, and has spoken at a number of conferences around the world. He shares his insider’s knowledge on the website to give people the tools they need to take back control of their lives and start making informed decisions about their health.

Cara Schulz is a Stage 4 cancer survivor and advocate for humane pain management for cancer patients and chronic pain patients. She has testified on their behalf at the Minnesota State Legislature and is a co-founder of Minnesota Pain Initiative.

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  1. Middle aged with 5 ruptured discs… how dare you want relief but a child acts up in class his SCHOOL TEACHER can get him pumped full of amphetamine

  2. There is truly an evil that has swept in to this so called UNITED STATES Country, and about the evil, I am NOT at all talking about President Trump.
    They freely destroy my life for the second time, both times for the illegal wrongs of strangers I have nothing to do with, and for which I get no trial in this actual pro-commie nation that rules over me with repression, control, and a evil slow agonizing slaughter of my body.
    I had to go through a torturous Hell to finally get the right to use the only thing that ever eased my c1-c2 fusion not in place right fusion, and other severe injuries to head/face playing a part in this Pain existence I get shoved upon me in this great land of fraud. Treated as if a criminal, as if I was drug addict, because I happen to need Opiate Medicine for my Severe Chronic Pain Sickness some ilegally plastered drunk driver in a 18-wheeler truck was allowed to cause for me. The thanks I get for doing right and being responsible, both times I get balmed for the illegal actions of strangers I have nothing to do with, and who I do NOT even know.
    I have to fight for somewhat of a life, after they let someone’s breaking the law actions ruin my health, my life for peanuts. Also doing the illegal actions here in the UNITED STATES, but NOT from the UNITED STATES. The point being they have already trashed me once (two dead friends too), but they do it again to me. They care about the lives of illegal wrong doers, and just trash us citizens for nothing.
    Yes once again they also tell the same negative lies about Opiate/Opioid Medicine that they told in the 1980’s, and prior to the 1980’s, when they would just leave us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness to just suffer daily constant Pain for nothing more- than lies they told about Opiate/Opioid Medicine, that they are now telling the same negative lies about Opiate/Opioid Medicine again. Nothing else worked to ease my Pain, and they not only kept the one thing that did work to ease my Pain, but they also were telling lies about it, just as they are now telling the same negative Opiate/Opioid Medicine lies- and keeping the Opiate/Opioid Medicine from us again. As they say they care, yet just leave us to suffer torturous agonizing Pain again as if it is nothing.
    Here are the lies they tell people. They keep telling people- "that a person with Severe Chronic Pain Sickness will just have to keep upping the dosage of Opiate/Opioid Medicine." Which is NOT true at all! It is a LIE!
    Here is why it is a lie. First the only people who will have to keep upping their dosage, are DRUG ADDICTS! The reason why they will have to keep upping their dosage, is for the factual reason that they use mostly Opiate/Opioid street drugs only for the high/buzz feeling they get from it. Though any person using Opiate/Opioid street durgs or Pharmaceutical Medicine, the high/buzz feeling goes away pretty quick when used on a daily continual usage. It will keep happening each time you go up on the dosage. Which it is impossible to just keep going up on the dosage due to money and able to do such a thing. Why drug addicts have a tough time. Plus the money, plus the deadly illegal wrong usage that kills man of them, which has nothing to do with Opiate/Opioid Medicines from the Pharmaceutical Companies being bad. Even though they are grossly, wrongly targeted just like us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness.
    For us people who need to use a Opiate and/or Opioid Medicine for our Severe Chronic Pain Sickness, if we are prescribed what we call a working dosage for our level of Pain. That it does work. That we must always use it responsibly for only our Pain level, that can fluctuate for some of us from day to day, but within perimeters- to even rare off the map days as long as not common. To NOT drink alcohol, to NOT do illegal drugs, to always get the okay from our Doctor for anything taken that is out of the norm from food and non alcoholic drinks. And if the persons injury/injuries and/or sickness/sicknesses that is the cause of the Severe Chronic Pain Sickness does NOT get worse, the person’s best found working Opiate and/or Opioid Medicine will keep working fine to ease there Long Term Pain, not needing to keep upping the dosage or upping it at all if the cause for their Severe Chronic Pain Sickness has NOT gotten worse to cause greater Pain. Here’s why they will NOT have to keep upping their dosage. Which is the fact that Opiate/Opioid Medicine still works to ease Pain, a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness too, even though the high/buzz feeling has gone away.
    Had I been allowed to find my correct working dosage back in the early days, I know it would have kept working for the past almost 40 years now. Though the key point is a person must always use their Opiate/Opioid Medicine that works best for them only in relation to Pain and the normal feeling line to strive for, NOT at all going past it. True it may at times go higher, especially with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness where the Pain fluctuates at different levels. But it still can be used for such. As I have done it. I have also had NO problems. NOR did my working dosage have to be increased. But all for nothing. As these liers have now ruined my life again. They rule over me NO different on this matter, than a dictator from a communist nation. They are truly birds of a feather. I even believe it gets into the depths of dark religious beliefs, but I will leave this part out. As it is truly dark. But my existence has proven the dark negative lies about Opiate/Opioid Medicine do exist. Money is surely tied in to the picture also.
    But they freely ruin my life, as they freely get to make me suffer agonizing torturous Pain, from my Severe Chronic Pain Sickness- and all for nothing more than same old lies from back in the 1980’s and prior decades. Wish they could pass a law protecting us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness from being tortured by the UNITED STATES for nothing we’ve done or deserve, just like the law the U.S. Politicians pass protecting terrorists, the same terrorists who want the U.S. People taken off the map, that U.S. Politicians pass laws protecting them from the U.S. Government/Politicians from torturing the terrorists from acros the ocean.
    But they do NOT care at all about us U.S. people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness who are freely tortured by the UNITED STATES Federal & State Government. It like a time warp from HELL. For this is NOT at all a UNITED STATES Country that I am freely repressed, controlled, and my life freely ruined.
    please excuse my paragraphs, i am just too spent. it did take 25 years to be able to start working on my writing, it is slow. As I did hava a severe head injury that was 31 days till conscious of existing and far from up to par.
    Please anyone who can spare the time I will be so Thankful for it, to call Senators, Representatives both Federal and State, even the PRESIDENT.
    Tell them this is wrong. They punish, torture, and ruin the lives of us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness, because of drug addicts, that 90 something percent of us people with a Severe Chronic Pain Scikness have nothing to do with. We get NO trial, just freely punished for nothing, tortured, and our lives ruined as our health gets worse, no more life. And none of these people care in Government. The Medical World has been led right back to thinking like they did in 1980, they are trained to look at us, and treat us as criminals and drug addicts. Just because we happen to have a sickness, that Opiate/Opioid Medicine does work for our Long Term Severe Chronic Pain Sickness, but they even LIE, LIE, LIE, and LIE some more about this. They have the audacity to say it does not work. Which is all LIES!!!
    I also hate TV News, they are all part of the destruction of my life. Destruction of all the other people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness. Some of us they have killed.
    They are the fake News, and that is a fact. We do not even exist in their scope of things.
    But you can hear everynight on the TV News about the poor drug addicts.
    But you won’t hear about the dead people thanks to all of this criminal act commiited against us people, some who are dead now, because we have a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness. The U.S. Government’s actions led to their death.
    But they only care about the drug addicts, not any of people with a Severe Chronic Pain Sickness.
    This is NOT at all a UNITED STATES Country, it is a New U.S.S.A., SOCIALIST-COMMUNIST- picking up where the U.S.S.R. left off.
    It’s a literal Hell!

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