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The CBD FLOWER is actually really nice! You can buy it legally online! Just look up CBD flower bud! 0 THC. 16 % CBD ! This CBD flower is amazing check it out go get yourself some! !! Yo if you are new subscribe and turn on that post notifications button! How are you doing? Welcome 🙏🏻 WILL BE POSTING EVERY OTHER DAY OR EVERY DAY!🔥


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  1. i love dabbing Cbd for my insomnia and my anxiety and it has got me off all meds completely. The cannabis plant is a amazing medicine for many health problems. And it smells and taste like weed. Because it is weed man. Always educate yourself fully on anything you put in your body. Keep that in mind.

  2. I swear mfers try and pass that off for real weed.. idk how they profit tho.. I got bud last week looked like purple homegrown and didn’t feel shit

  3. He never smoked weed because if u smoking on just cbd it’s shit….The way I would buy this is to walk next to a cop and light it up and act high and record it on YouTube while I go to jail……

  4. I think you should’ve researched more on the benefits of CBD so you could educate people more on the positives rather than just "its really good yall"

  5. i get some FIRE CBD hemp flowers from wholesalehenry, its a must try loads of flavours guys must try wholesalehenry for the best around!!!!!

  6. Hey how is your day going and I hope it’s going great and I’m just constantly working on my craft to better my life and to give my family a better life much love to all of you ❣️

  7. so, cbd oil is nowhere near full spectrum, isolate is not full spectrum, "full spectrum" cbd oil is a lie. To really get the anti anxiety, relaxing effects, this is the only way to go. it works for me every time unlike the oil, tincture, or isolate, i actually get a feeling from smoking cbd bud. and it works. too much THC sends me straight to panic mode.. but when kept at very minimal amounts like this (.3 percent the legally classified as hemp amount ) it works in tandem.

  8. Thats just pot hemp (which that is supposed to be) is tall and narrow plants with a thc from .03 to none at all as well as it produces no nugs at all

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