1. We like! Really good video! Work and wellness is such an asset! We also made a view video’s about wellness, Dutch celebrity Hans Ubbink is traveling the world, searching for the meaning of wellness – we hope you like it. Check our bio for more information..

  2. The company try to target your money. So far as employee I end up pay for multi testing cost significant in dollars. Smoke test, full Heath test and participate in fitness

  3. I am in school for Bachelors in Health and Wellness and stand behind this…here in Fayette County PA this is needed. I love the video. Mind/Body/Spirit wellness

  4. What if you just want to work and rather be lazy while the rest is working out. An employer is for work not for determining what is best for you!
    It just feels icky with peer preasure and all that jazz.

  5. watching this video now because I am looking to introduce wellness programs in Tanzania and really impressed at how people take their health seriuosly abroad

  6. Fascinating! Have u heard about the Hair Analysis Testing that gives each individual personalized support for their individual needs?!

  7. Love it! what great companies to work for! Wish it was more widespread. I provide in-company healthy cooking demos in Ireland to teach employees to cook from scratch and ditch processed foods!

  8. I agree with the thought that for wellness initiatives to succeed, it should be implemented from the top down through the organization with no less than the top-tier managers and owners leading by example. It will also help if there will be intrinsic motivation so people will feel they’re keeping fit because they need it, not because they’re being required to do it. That’s what we teach at http://www.warriorwellness.com.au #WarriorWellness

  9. Great facts and case studies for why wellness in the workplace is a must for healthier, happier and more productive employees.

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