Expectations vs Reality – GOALS – New Year's Resolutions!

Expectations vs Reality – GOALS – New Year's Resolutions!

Expectations vs. Reality: Goals and New Year’s Resolutions! My first funny comedy video, where we talk about personal goals or expectations vs reality of New Year’s Resolutions. This comedy video is full of LOL comic fun moments that happen every beginning of the new year. I show 10 typical New Year’s Resolutions and how they end up in reality! This video should be funny for teenagers, school children and girls in general. Can you recognize yourself in this comedy expectations vs. reality video? What are your goals?


I had so much fun filming this comedy video and plan to make much more! Lots of HAHAHA, LOL and ROFL Moments in it. Check out Bloopers too! Do you like watching funny videos? Let me know because I have so many ideas for comic videos that I want to share with you. The 10 expectations vs reality new year’s resolutions or goals I show you in this fun comedy video are:

Waking up early. Being more productive is a resolution that many of us have each year. Our expectations are all about waking up early and make the most of our days. But reality is often quite different! We end up sleeping all morning and then rush to school like crazy, hehe.

Eating healthy. Probably the number one new year’s resolution we all take! During the Christmas break we eat so much sweet and other unhealthy food. By the end of the holidays we all feel pretty fed up with all that and we decide to cut away sweets, junk food and desserts completely. In the first days of the new year keeping up with the healthy eating resolution is easy, because we are still recovering from the Christmas sugar coma. A few days in the new year, the reality strikes and we are back to usual again.

Saving money. All the Christmas shopping causes some serious damage to our bank accounts so we decide to start the year saving. But why, oh why do the sales start just the a few days after the new year?! RIP savings.

Working out. How many of you had the working out regularly new year’s resolution for the past five new years? I thought so, it’s my goal too! I don’t know what excuse did you find, but boy it is freaking cold here in Norway in January. My immune system just can’t tackle it. Gym?! Sorry, there’s no gym in the 20 meter distance from my apartment. Good luck with finding your excuses! 😉

Studying. We all have the expectations of studying regularly in order to avoid the madness days before the exams. In reality it is impossible to get the motivation to study hard more than one day before the exam. It just doesn’t exists, I think it’s probably scientifically proven already.

Improving style. I struggle with that so much. I just really love comfortable clothes! One of my common new year’s resolutions every year is to start dressing a bit more elegant and not like a 10 year old! But reality strikes as soon as I step out of the apartment door. Wind, rain, storm! So I am totally forced to get back into boots, scarves, warm jackets. Thank you, Norway!

Being more organized. I must say that I love having my room clean. I make sure I tidy it every Saturday. However, out of the seven days in a week, my room is only organized on Saturday. How this is possible, don’t ask me.

Forget ex-boyfriend and move on. You have been on and off with someone for months and you don’t know where you stand. Clearly he isn’t serious so it’s time to say: enough! You are all decided to move on and let someone new in your life until you get his SMS. And here we go again..

Be more spontaneous. Have you ever decided to start taking life with a big spoon and start living to the fullest? Yeah, me too. But then bed and Netflix happens. Yeah, been there – goals killer.

Take time for your loved ones. In the world of the social media we have to keep up with absolutely everything that’s going on in the world to the point where sometimes it feels like we are married to our smart phones and tablets! So for our new year’s resolution we decide to spend more quality time with our friends and family. Well the reality shows keeping up with this resolution is pretty hard.

Help me translate this DIY Room Decor Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=XwZIE8jBlDY

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  1. *Where did you buy the cute panda & the cute strawberry printed trash scooper!? Haha I can totally relate to ALL of these!!*

  2. I want to know very much! the music that sounds in the minute 5:27 SOMEONE KNOWS HIS NAME? !!!! Helpaaaaaaaa, I had to translate this, I don’t speak English.

  3. 1:27 : Waking Up Early
    3:08 : Eating Healthy
    4:51: Working Out
    5:58 : Study More
    6:38 : Improving Style
    7:18 : Being More Organised
    8:25 : Forget Ex And Move On
    9:13 : Be More Spontaneous
    10:09 : Take Time For Your Loved Ones
    11:06 : Bloopers
    11:09 : Weird Workout
    11:10 :
    11:15 :
    11:18 :
    11:19 :
    11:20 :
    11:21 :
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  4. Tanvi Srivastava was a good mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

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