Estrogen | Reproductive system physiology | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Estrogen | Reproductive system physiology | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Created by Vishal Punwani.

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  1. I came here wondering why I’m super horny all the time. I feels so guilty but now I know its just science!!!!!!!

  2. Wise man thank you! Balance and symmetry is everything. All is well with balance. Forget about soy , it may cause breast cancer.

  3. Why pcos condition is so complicated?? Please make a video on it. Is imbalanced hormones of one gland effects the other gland hormones. If yes then how??

  4. Being suffering from pcos (newly) and also low levels of vitamin d in my body… Causes me to gain weight and bone weaking… Actually both these things are co related to each other..low level of vitamin d dont make the effective cholesterol and so the female hormone (estrogen) is not producing in appropriate amount… May be that the cause of pcos… As all things are related… Suggest me if I am wrong

  5. Please explain how estrogen can be one of the reason for cause of deficiency of dopamine or Parkinson’s?

  6. So now we know some positive work of estrogen, now I have a question, if we do consume external estrogen such as from soymilk or even medicine, can it cause damages to our body? Do we need to know the maximum quantity to consume those? Thanks for the explanation in the video, I learned a lot.

  7. Omg my body is in need of this because i have no ovaries the hotness, dizziness everything is just bad

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