Episode 23: What Are You Sacrificing for Your Fitness?

Episode 23: What Are You Sacrificing for Your Fitness?

This week we sit down in the studio and discuss the sacrifices to be made in order to reach your training objectives. In all training, we make trades in in exchange for progress. But if you’re setting unreasonable timelines for your goals or are short-sighted with your priorities, you can destabilize the entire ecosystem needed for true progress.

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  1. Great episode – lots of truth bombs in here for all aspects of training. All mature athletes should listen to this one

  2. If I workedout only when I wanted to I would never workout (I think) I also workout the time I can instead of the time I feel like working out. All of us watching are addicted to working out I guess and I understand that when you feel good your workouts are a lot better but you cannot only workout when you feel 100% great

  3. Julien is right on his crossfit criticism but he fails to recognize all the good things that crossfit did to the training industry and to the people training in general. It is responsible for 50 to 90% of the new people falling in love with training (in my opinion)

  4. Do you think the bicycle time has the same effect for Dutch people? Because I think I’m probably more on autopilot than the average person, because I’ve been cycling my entire life.

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