Employee Wellness and Fitness

Every single year more and more companies realize that the wellness and fitness of their employees directly affects work productivity. Employees that are healthy and fit have fewer workplace accidents, are more conscious about safety and are more productive while they are at work. Sadly, there are large numbers of employees who pay little attention to their health. Educating and motivating them to have better health and fitness habits should be a part of every company’s safety plan.

Some of the worst health risks are smoking, increased caffeine consumption, long hours and inadequate sleep, excess alcohol consumption, an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. While any one of these habits can cause problems, when you put several of them together high blood pressure, ulcers and strokes can result. In addition, it makes makes employees more likely to contract illnesses and gives them a lack of energy.

When you start a health and wellness program start by focusing on the negative aspects of these risk factors. Offer them counseling on how to kick these bad habits, especially smoking. Smoking cessation in the number one way to quickly affect the health and fitness of your employees. Offer smoking cessation programs at work or if this is impractical pay for them outside of work.

The next bad habit to tackle is drug and alcohol abuse. Every comprehensive health and fitness program includes counseling on these problems. Offer confidential help with abuse and make sure that employees get the help they need.

The third habit to tackle is diet and exercise. Educate your employees on these topics in training sessions and if you have a cafeteria, make sure that you have healthy choices available. Many companies offer free health club memberships and fitness programs before and after work.

Health and fitness are an integral part of productivity in the workplace and setting up a comprehensive training program will make your employees lives better beforeFree Articles, during and after work.

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