Dr. Sylvia Tara on Understanding Body Fat for Health Coaching

Dr. Sylvia Tara on Understanding Body Fat for Health Coaching

Body fat isn’t just excess calories. Your metabolism, appetite and fat are inextricably linked!

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How many times have you dieted with the intention of losing weight, only to end up losing steam on a regiment and gaining the fat back? It turns out that yo-yo dieting–and the fat losses and gains that go along with it–can have long-lasting implications on your metabolism and appetite that can prevent you from maintaining healthy levels of body fat.

Dr. Sylvia Tara, our resident expert on all things body fat, explores this intriguing and somewhat misunderstood subject with IIN Health Coach and Nutritionist Megan Kalocinski, detailing that identifying the right diets for you and your body type can go a long way towards achieving a consistent level of body fat- which is actually healthy for you!

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