Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent Fasting – Weight Loss, Get Fat & Get Diabetes Reply

Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent Fasting – Weight Loss, Get Fat & Get Diabetes Reply

Intermittent Fasting – Weight Loss, Get Fat & Get Diabetes Reply Video to Sam Robbins’ Intermittent Fasting – Lose Weight, Get Fat & Become Diabetic 2 video. Review by Dr. Ekberg, a doctor who has hundreds of hours in nutrition. Intermittent fasting, weight loss, and losing fat are very popular. There are a lot of videos on dieting and intermittent fasting, but most of them are lacking a lot of facts about how to do it correctly. If you are wondering can intermittent fasting make you gain weight, I will answer that in this video.

Intermittent fasting, fasting diet, or time-restricted eating claim to fame is that helps to burn belly fat/ lose your belly and it does so through fast weight loss. But is fast weight loss even healthy? Sam Robbins questions the long-term effects and says that you will lose weight, but you will gain weight and become a diabetic 2.

Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent fasting, keto diet, and eating healthy are incredibly popular because people want to lose weight fast, but most of us know to stay thin you need to do it in a healthy way. Intermittent fasting is a natural weight loss diet and it is healthy if you eat natural foods provided by nature.

If you are already enjoying doing intermittent fasting I have a video on the keto diet too. Please let me know if you would like more information about intermittent fasting or ketosis and I will make more videos on these diets.

Remember that the goal is to get healthy not going on a diet. When you are healthy your body will be at its ideal weight. This video is about the Keto diet explained and a Ketogenic diet explained diet review.

Thank you for listening and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you want more videos like this by giving it a like and a share.

Here is Dr. Robbins’s video on the Intermittent Fasting – Lose Weight Get Fat & Become Diabetic 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h00x9DZ7CJo



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  1. Very interesting… it’s amazing how much information is out there that simply isn’t true. Great job, very informative. Thank you for educating us! We subbed, hope you can see some of our stuff too 🙂

  2. I am eating a Keto diet, I have lost 13# and 3” in waist & a lot of body fat, my glucose is good now and my BP is reduced (average last 2 weeks 127/76). However, my cholesterol jumped from 235 to 304 & my LDL to 233 & Triglycerides 239 &HDL to 54 & Chol/HDL (fasting) 5.6. My cardiologist said I needed to stop Keto and that the normal glucose, weight loss & reduced BP we didn’t need to consider. ONLY the LDL mattered and that I am at high risk for a heart attack unless I take the statins because I have genetic high cholesterol. He would prescribe Crestor. He wasn’t interested in my weight loss or glucose normalizing & said my BP was just “borderline”! I know that during weight loss, LDL can go up as body releases more fat into bloodstream. I was pleased with my progress thus far but my doctor was adamant that nothing was important except the LDL. HE SAID MY PROBLEM WAS GENETIC & ONLY STATINS WOULD FIX IT! I tried 3 different statins 8 years ago & had strange muscle aches and terrible brain fog & focus problems (it was like I was developing ADHD). Reviews on Crestor are scary…Pancreatitis, Liver disease, non-reversible muscle damage & brain fog! I’m looking at continuing low carb & high fat but less saturated & more monounsaturated. Will this help (once I stop weight loss…need 5 more #) & will LDL’s reduce? Or am I taking a risk with or without statins? I’m adding more aerobic exercise & yoga for stress. I have included IF (16 hr overnight) for weeks & it made the biggest difference in weight loss. I think I will add a monthly 24-36 hr Fast. Any suggestions about my diet as a “modified Keto” & do I have hope to lower LDL in any way without statins?

  3. Hello Dr Stren,
    I’m Gabriela and I’m trying to understand diabetes. My mom is a diabetic and we have try to follow her doctor advice. Her sugar levels are normal.
    My mayor concern is that her legs and arms muscles are very thin?
    I came across your videos looking for answers. The videos have help me understand about diabetes but I’m not sure why is she losing muscle?
    How can I help her gain muscle to be and look healthy.

  4. After watching Dr. Robbins’ videos for a short time, I soon realized he employs a kind of bait and switch approach. And leads his viewers down the path to purchase his products. When I realized this ploy, I stopped tuning in. I believe he is self-serving and not a good and reliable physician. I would hope he comes to realize the error of his self first approach and experiences a change of hearth and enjoys the more satisfying fruit of putting others first, instead of his pockets!

  5. He’s the same idiot who said in one of his videos if you don’t eat anything for 3 days you will die lol. After he said that i take what he says with a grain of salt.

  6. I don’t listen to or pay attention to all those negative people who clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. I just look at the results and the blood work.

  7. "Dr" sam robbins isn’t even the person you see in photos,it’s just a handsome guy for marketing, he doesn’t have any degree and it’s a Brand jus to sell you subscription and products.
    Isn’t it phishy that someone with almost 1M subs have 3 total photos online? Not even one photo with a friend or something.

  8. Dr. Sam Robbins video may have been very damaging to some people. Thank you for making this video and putting it straight. I have been doing intermittent fasting and keto for about nine months now. When I come across someone I haven’t seen in months, they swear I have had a facelift and cannot believe how young I look from the last time they saw me. I am a 67-year-old woman who has changed in weight and appearance by doing intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. I wouldn’t live any other way. Never felt better. And I REVERSED my type 2 diabetes. My A1C went from 7.5 down to 5.4 in 3 months! My Dr couldn’t believe it. Anyway, thank you for putting that stupid information from Dr Robbins to test. I’ve seen his videos before and he gives out bad info just to sell supplements.

  9. I’ve only just started intermittent fasting, been Keto for 6 months. Question I normally eat at 6pm and then eat around 9. According to some videos I’ve watch they say you need to fast for 16 hours, as I’m not doing the full 16 hours am I gaining any benefit? Some mornings I just wake up and I am hungry, and being type 2 diabetic my insulin levels can be a bit low, since starting Keto my health has improved so much. Thank you

  10. Hi. I just watched the video that you spoke of from Dr. Sam Robbins and was totally confused as mostly what I’ve heard is that, IF is good for you.

    First off I like the way you speak and present your information in a very gentle and calm informative way.
    And the sarcasm you presented really made me laugh.

    So I’ve decided to subscribe to you and I don’t do that very often. Dr. Eric Berg and Ken Berry MD are the only other two doctors I follow on YouTube and believe in. Thanks for clearing this misinformation up. I appreciate it.

  11. Thanks for sharing Doc! Always enjoy your videos. I’ve already experienced amazing results and just been doing ketosis a month or so and IF for a week or two.

  12. You are wrong, he did face reveal. He is robotic doctor from the future or at least his CGI video is a telltale of this. /S I was subscribed too after one video that was actually not so bad, but after 2-3 more videos I saw it was fake and unsubscribed him. Later on I researched some of his videos and they were made by somebody who has superficial knowledge about medicine, but is not medical doctor. He gathers some information and use it, but many times gets it wrong. Also, person with 1.3 million subscribers will have hundreds of photos, videos of himself in it and not only his voice, face reveals etc. And not 3 freaking photos, and then robot in video as face reveal. But I guess ignorant people will follow hundreds of his videos and still stay as his subscriber and follow his ignorance further on. This tells us only that many of these people are bellow average intelligence while others are average and gullible.

  13. Just saw a Dr. Robbins vid where he says we should not fast for longer than 12 hours. I think I will not be watching any more of his videos.

  14. How can I do intermittent fasting, when my glucose level is high every morning, higher if I skip breakfast and much, much higher (well over 200) if I skip lunch? I have type 2 diabetes and stopped eating carbs over 3 months ego. Any suggestions?

  15. I am retired physician , age 70, your knowledge of physiology and biochemistry is amazing, I wis I had this knowledge when I was working, however I do medical cams as a philanthropist in underdeveloped countries, if allowed I can pass this knowledge to medical offices who do physician work or medical degree. I been taking metformin fo man years and dosage been increased by my family doctor, however nice. PRACTISING AUTOPHGY and fasting, I been able to reverse my Type 2 diabetes.
    I come from India background and as a result, since birth , our diet is mainly grains based lentils , chapatis, rice, full carbohydrates, obviously a cheep source of food in India. Diabetes as you know is an epidemic in India, pleas Dr Sten Ekberg do a video on this topic. Every Indian I know is Type 2 diabetic.
    Dr D Mistry from UK and I also spend a lot of my time in India.

  16. The only person I have any faith in is Dr Sten Ekberg. He knows his subject and there is no pseudo science. IF is the way to go for long term health. Thank you for your professional and clear delivery on your video’s

  17. Well now I’ve wised up since posting my former comment. Dr. Sam Robbins is a fake/fraud, he doesn’t even exist. Investigate if you don’t believe me. The real reason for the person or company behind his YouTube videos are simply to direct the viewer to their website to sell a program or product.

  18. Hej Dr. Ekberg.
    My moms having problems with pancreas. I think it’s good for her intermittent fasting not as a diet but as the healthy eating. But she keeps telling me that she needs to eat frequently up to 8 times a day.
    I have tried intermittent fasting and I felt so good while I was doing it and many years after. Therefore I am trying to convince my mom to try it because I am sure it will benefits her.
    Thanks for your brilliant videos and you use your time to help others .

  19. @Dr Sten Ekberg

    Hey, doc can somebody with Muscular Dystrophy do Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent fasting safely? Plz reply.

  20. Dr Sam Robbins is a person that hard for me to trust. A lot youtuber call him out and until now 2019 no respond. From picture profile to all his video, people still questioning whether this person exist or not?

  21. i’d suggest a retitle: aka ‘my take on:’ to make it clearer why we should play this … or put REPLY in caps and up front [like tailoring an abstract]

  22. Hey, thank you for this talk, I’m a bit surprised with the Low-Carb range of 60-80 g per day. Ideally, it should be lower than 20 g (classical Atkins’ suggestion). Also, I would argue that IR is not really on the spectrum as you described, it’s rather a different dimension of nutrition i.e. timing vs. quality.
    In addition – switching from SAD to keto shouldn’t be too difficult even for someone who is carb-dependent, just takes several days in general, 2 weeks for the brain to completely switch.

    IF should be even easier – just skip breakfast and then lunch and you’re good to go 🙂
    PS. Subbed

  23. What is the trend that enables the chiropractors to understand and tap into nutrition, and MD dont get it?? Can that be fixed??

  24. Muslims do IF from sunrise to sunset for a whole month ie ramadan every year even without water and nothing but spiritual and physiological benefits.
    All we needed is some science explained and dr ekberg is providing that very well.
    thank you dr

  25. Nice video, thank you for making this. I watched the video by “Dr” Robbins when it came out and also thought it was very misleading and counterproductive to what IF can do for people. I’ve been using IF for about nine months and it’s honestly changed/saved my life. 35 years old and down 50lbs, all my blood work has markably improved.

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