Dr. David Agus: "The End of Illness" | Talks at Google

Dr. David Agus: "The End of Illness" | Talks at Google

Can we live robustly until our last breath? Do we have to suffer from debilitating conditions and sickness? How can we add years to our lives? New York Times best-selling author and doctor, Agus will present a tour of the human body, ultimately showing us how a new perspective on our individual health will allow each of us to achieve a long, healthy life.


  1. Sorry to bust the feel-good bubble but there is a HUGE fallacy @21.05: Hairdressers have highest mortality rate and yet they’re on their feet and move all day. Interestingly they have higher mortality than typists and clerks. Putting on your little Nike band and getting one of those stupid standing desks will NOT put anyone in the 1930s agricultural worker category. If anything they will be in the hairdresser category. My gourd don’t they teach logic and common sense at medical school.

  2. when you talk about drugs – it’s your field. I am not sure I’d buy your perspective as a Naturopath but I respect your right to alk about your profession. You took a techy and a phisics expert – why not include a Naturopath + Chinese Medicine practitioner etc.? Your supplement perspective is flawed and downright wrong and unproffesional… I have been teaching the field of supplementation and treating with them even longer. I have seen so many wonderful results – easy to assess. think about it!

  3. Hmm Iam No genius But. What he says about the fly shot. Hmm. Dont know ever heard of what does not kill you makes you stronger. What IF the next time your body gets the same bacteria. Maybe. The body. Will not react to IT the same ways as before Because IT allready. Won

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