Department of Pain Management at Cleveland Clinic

Department of Pain Management at Cleveland Clinic

Patients of the Department of Pain Management at Cleveland Clinic describe the outcome of their pain procedures. Department of Pain Management at Cleveland Clinic offers a wide range of procedures and treatments to alleviate chronic pain, individualized treatment plans and multiple outpatient clinics for easy access to care.

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  1. I went through all these pain relieving procedures and after it was all said and done 4 of my discs we’re completely gone and all those vertebraes come crashing down on each other and I went and seen a back surgeon he was not happy that they put me through all those procedures seeing that the discs we’re gone and I had severe arthritis in my spine he said they should’ve stopped doing all those procedures he said it was called pass the buck and I ended up on the surgery table.The surgery was only suppose to be 8 to 9 hrs and instead it ended up being 11hrs the surgeon had to fix all the damage that was done from them procedures and he had to put a cage in my spine to separate the vertabrae so now I have pins plates rods and screws in my spine and he removed 22 pinched nerves and now I’m on opioids and the pain is so bad still most days I don’t want to get out of bed and now I can’t do the things I love to do.

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