1. I have type 1 diabetes- got it from genetics when i was 4( nothing to do with my diet ). Will my body still go into fat storage mode when my pancreas doesn’t even produce insulin?

  2. I drink on average 10 Diet Coke’s a week. Honestly, though, EVERYTHING is bad for you if you overdo it. All things in moderation, people.

  3. We all must stay away from all types of soda. Replace with water. Over the long run, heavy soda consumption with greatly contribute to our premature death in some shape or form.

  4. We very seldom drink a whole can of soda with a meal,
    so we both
    stopped drinking soda from 12 oz (355 ML) cans and now drink
    16.9 oz (500 ml) bottles of soda so we can put the twist caps back on,
    and put half back in the fridge so we can finish the soda the next day.
    Reusing the twist caps keeps a bottle of soda from going "flat".
    I tend to drink more instant coffee (with milk & no sugar)
    and fruit juice to further reduce my consumption of sugar.
    Delaware County, PA

  5. I always thought diet soda is dumb. Sugar is a part of soda. So…how can there be a "diet" soda? To my logic, it always seemed stupid. I am glad more people are being informed about the effects of drinking too much diet soda, other drinks and food that is harmful to the body IF consumed a lot.

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